Are You Living with an Ongoing Chronic Disease?

Are you Sick of Being Sick?

Have You Been Told There’s No Other Options – That You Are STUCK With This?


I remember the day when I was told I had a chronic lung disease that I would never be rid of. It would be with me the rest of my life. Incurable.

People used to die from it before antibiotics and I was informed I’d be on antibiotics for the rest of my life

I was 26

Devastated doesn’t begin to describe how I felt that day after being tested for Cystic Fibrosis and several other systemic incurable lung diseases the disease I was burdened with is Bronchiectasis – it’s hardly ever even heard of these days – and god only knows how I turned up with it. But there you go.

The way I describe Bronchiectasis is it’s like a pocket of my lung has ‘blown out’, like having Emphysema in one lobe only. Mucus just sits there and ends up getting infected.

Diagnosed and given a prognosis of ‘incurable’.

I was a Registered Nurse and had seen how this can pan out for others so I made the decision then and there to do it my way. I’ve always believed that “there’s always a way.”

The next 10 years were difficult, raising my 6 sons, working night shift and starting a business – going to work looking like death warmed up was a common occurence. Being pregnant and looking like death warmed up was even more common!

There reached a time when I was so run down my body wouldn’t even spike a temperature when I was sick! I decided that antibiotics, cough syrup and rest just weren’t the answer. It had even been suggested that I have half of my lung removed!

It was time for some big changes.


I started with changing my diet and I included the entire family in this big move!  Removing dairy, wheat, sugar, take away food and much more was a real shock to us. But slowly my health improved.

Over time I’ve discovered several other methods to prevent myself from getting a lung infection which almost always ended in Pneumonia – often Double Pneumonia.

32172-004-low-res-copyI studied Naturopathy, Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy, Iridology, Chinese Massage and Acupressure. All the time looking for clues to help me through this without ending up lying in a hospital bed spitting up green sputum – or worse – on a ventilator.

It’s a terrifying thing to realise that I was getting older and could become frail and chronically ill for the rest of my life!

Are you relating to this? Do you feel as if you have nothing to lose?

It’s time for you to move, to take the step. After decades of helping other people do the same (including myself) I have so many highly effective ways of dealing with chronic disease and all it encompasses PLUS the self management tools I’ve discovered, the importance of mindset and information and inspiration to help you through.

Discover an entire arsenal of tools to invigorate, inspire and leap into your newfound health!

Very early on in my Nursing career I discovered the strong mind body connection. I saw it in patients, others and myself. This became an obsession that I often used to my advantage, discovering the close connection between mindset and attitude to how my illness progressed or improved.

It depended on me – no one else!

The connection between how we live, how we relate, where we live, our old habits, the people we surround ourselves with, the food we choose to eat, to how our body is feeling is a direct connection. Not just a fleeting coincidence.

I discovered through experience that the only way to feel good again and have my true vitality back again wasn’t through drugs, herbs or yoga. It was through digging deep inside and revealing my true self PLUS changing my diet.

I went from being an overweight, unhappy, stressed, desperate woman who was always feeling sorry for my plight and getting pneumonia to …me.

I’ve lost my excess weight, have much more energy, my posture, mood and attitude has improved dramatically,

No longer am I coughing constantly in public and the Doctor is a dim memory.

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.

Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”


Motivation and Inspiration are my ‘thing’ plus having many years experience as a Registered Nurse and in my Natural Health Clinic

Listening to your story, what you’ve been through and how you are ready to engage in your life again is my aim.

  • Providing you with a custom built path to steer you in the right direction,
  • Specific Muscle manipulations you can perform on yourself to open your lungs and relieve diaphragmatic spasm
  • Ways to relieve Post Nasal Drip and also prevent chest infections
  • Advice for your diet and why this change is good for you
  • Ideas for recipes – always easy and quick
  • Health aspects and mindset, a most important part of healing yourself is understanding what your mind is saying to you
  • to be there when you become fearful of what could be happening,
  • to provide reassurance that you CAN do this.

You will gain your spirit and determination back again.

This is your chance to fire up and BE who you want to be for the rest of your life!

Who is this for?

If You’re Feeling….

Like your diagnosis or illness now owns you

That you’d like to NOT be that illness but have tools, support and inspiration to redefine yourself as a healthy vibrant person

This is for you…..

If Your’e Feeling….

Like you have become a burden to others

and want to be FREE and independent and not owned by your diagnosis or how others treat you

This is for you….

If your’e feeling…

Scared and confused.

You don’t know where to turn or who to listen to. There are way too many opinions and facts.

Hearing yourself think is overwhelmingly impossible

This is for you….

No one is going to save you no matter what they say.

YOU are unique and will live your life as you want to – there are no rules besides those you put on yourself.

outstretched handThere’s no one to show up on your doorstep with the magic answer – it’s up to you to find your direction and focus again – I have the tools you can use to do that!

Life is not supposed to be about constantly feeling miserable, and sick,
standing by, waiting for it to magically get better.

You don’t need a knight in shining armour, the perfect man, the perfect place, the perfect job…

What you DO need is

♥ a guiding hand

willingness to take advice

 the ability to stop all excuses and take a step forward.

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To find the energy, inspiration and personal power to beat this illness and everything that goes with it. 

To be able to take a deep breath and feel it go all the way down, fill your lungs, with a clear head and an open mind

APPLY what I have to offer you and it Could Change Your LIFE!

One Hour to Find Out More

AUD$127/60 min
  • One Hour to clear the air and gather information form me regarding the best ways to progress through any blocks you may have regarding Health Issues, Mind-Body relationships and Life Direction after turning 50.
  • There’s no doubt that I can help you through ill health, using natural methods.
  • I’ve been doing this with others for a very long time in my practice and also have been through this myself.
  • We will go through your diet, your lifestyle choice, exercise and the most important and my love is MINDSET.
  • This one hour alone can redirect your life

You can do this!

Beautiful Words from Inspiring Women

Don’t just take it from me!

I do believe that the day after I spoke to Brigid – I was amazingly over what had been hanging over me for 12 months – which was a chronic (diagnosed as incurable) lung disease

I have thrown away all the pills I was supposed to take forever and am adapting to a healthier lifestyle.

I was empowered by Brigid’s advice. I felt the sickness, that had been with me, just lifted and went away. I felt it go – Its that simple. My faith tells me it was another of the many, many gifts I have been given and I am so grateful.

With the Dr, I was winding down the dosage of one of the medications I had been prescribed but had been told I would be on the other one for the rest of my life. Not something I was happy with as I really don’t like to take anything unless I am desperate!

I have been extremely well and my husband & I have been adopting a ‘green, sometimes raw & as healthy as we can’ approach. We have made changes to our eating patterns and adopted for lots of fresh fruits, green smoothies, fresh veges and cut down a lot of wheat, dairy, sugar etc as well.

I have come to realise that all in life is up to us. It has become important to realise that you really do know your own body and you should trust yourself more. Others along the way are guides, but we must take personal responsibility for our own lives and health.”

GRACE (diagnosed with Emphysema)

“Brigid has made such a difference to my well being, she is a natural! She’s intuitive and knows her stuff. Brigid’s commitment to her own growth and journey is incredibly inspiring.
She’s a living example of an empowered woman doing what she is passionate about. She’s also refreshingly real and honest, there’s no pretense and no hype or fluff.
She’s wonderful for holding you true to your path, often what we all need.”


I spoke to Brigid when I was feeling very lost and angry and ready to pack it all in.

I mightn’t look young anymore but I feel it and at the time I was very frustrated, stagnant and unable to move forward.

I felt trapped.

Brigid was able to get to the heart of my feelings and bring up possibilities that I had buried. Realising that I COULD do what I wanted has enabled me to take the next step.

Brigid is a great listener and is able to hear in between the lines. I am just so pleased to realise my life has opened up one last time.

I would recommend Brigid to anyone who needs to realise what’s possible and accept the seemingly impossible.

Mavis (84yrs)


A quick rundown of where I was when I first met Brigid. I had experienced breast cancer, had a mastectomy along with removal of my underarm lymph nodes.

The tremor in my hand (on the side of the lymphectomy) was quite noticeable and my writing was very shaky looking. “Brigid’s encouragement that I “keep moving” when lymph build-up occurs, has proven to be invaluable .. this is on an emotional and physical level.

My confidence levels have also risen and I no longer wait for convenient breaks in conversations to excuse myself if the topic becomes mundane and trying to explain what I’m thinking and why is not essential to me anymore.

I’m happy to be me.

I can also drop whatever I am doing because I no longer feel I have to finish things there and then.

A lot of things don’t matter if they never get done that day .. or the next. .. and then walk until my body conveniently processes it all away. Brilliant.


 No, I don’t expect you to do it my way. You are unique and wonderful and resourceful

I can however give you the tools to help you regain your FREEDOM from the effects of your illness and all it entails.

There’s nothing that can stop YOU from being a warrior for your health and freedom.

I Know you are a TRUE empowered, gutsy woman and I’m here for you!

I’ve been in your situation and managed to figure out how to solve the problem – and I’m making it MUCH easier for you! You will have access to the information that has taken me decades to learn.

 We will work together to find the perfect strategy, by identifying the roadblock, the methods necessary to overcome your dis-ease and then come up with strategies to get you through. 

Talk to me and get access to the result of decades of searching and trialling new ways of healing myself, altering my thought patterns, mindset methods and physical therapies to find YOUR way to happiness, health and Freedom from the effects of illness.

Click on the Button and choose a time that suits you.

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