Not only is it the best time to ramp up your diet, but also your body, your lifestyle, your fun, ambitions, goals, dreams and loves.

It’s time to change …everything……………. and why not.

Let me ask you a few questions.

  1. Are you feeling stiff in the joints, is your body feeling sluggish?
  2. How is your energy – are you getting up out of bed in the morning raring to go?
  3. Do you love your job
  4. Is your relationship a nice place to be
  5. Are you full of regrets
  6. Are you sad?
  7. Are your friends full of laughter or do they talk about what’s on the news a lot
  8. Do you have something or a few things in your life that bring you joy?
  9. Are you at the doctors so much you know him by his first name?
  10. When asked “how are you?” do you give a rundown of your illnesses

and “How does that make you feel?”

Change and courage, the courage to change, to grow, to enjoy the things you thought you couldn’t any more or just think have always been impossible.

so…what has this to do with diet?


  1. You have stiff joints because your body is clogged with a build up of unassimilated food (or non-food in a lot of cases), medication side effects, ineffectual exercise or none at all.
  2. You are tired due to your organs working their guts out (pun intended) digesting the tired-out food you are eating (or maybe I’m wrong and you are a new parent – or something else, in that case – eat well anyway!)
  3. What food do you eat at work – there’s a strong chance that you can’t give up your job – but you can change your energy levels there by taking a salad and some form of protein to keep you body and mind alert. Or if you can – change your job!
  4. Relationships – ahh. So what are your common interests? you both eat,  right? Make some new and
    interesting food. Move away from the bland and same-old same-old meals you have attached to your relationship evening rituals, takeaway the favourite restaurants. Move away from the ‘chicken and cashew stir fry’…it’s time to move on. Allow your life to grow on all levels and do it together.
  5. Regrets, I’ve had a few. And the best thing to do with those little suckers is to laugh about them, throw them out, crush them into oblivion and make sure you never do them again. My most recent regret has been falling of the eat-well bandwagon – I’m still a little bloated (my big regrets are wayyyy behind me now, it’s nice to have little regrets like this).
  6. Sadness can be eased – a LOT – by moving your body. Movement of any kind – so long as it’s different to what you usually do will shift your mindset and out of the blue new thoughts will come pouring in. No joke! Adding a change of food habits to that and your sadness will lift. The breakfast of sadness is cereal, milk and sugar followed by some bread and meat and a few vegetables. Often several coffees and/or tea, some sweet biscuits, ice cream, flavouring and other feel-good foods. Get it? We pretty much move towards the feel good foods to….feel good! Comfort food – ala – emotional eating. But it doesn’t help at all, in fact you will just stay in that hole until you take some action. And one of those actions is Changing Your Diet!
  7. so – we come to the people you surround yourself with. Who are these people and how did they get there. Are they really friends? and do they make you happy? If you decided to change your diet would they cheer you on and maybe even join you? If you explained that you no longer eat wheat or cheese but pizza is on the menu – how would they adjust to that? These are questions only you can answer and really – the way you communicate with them is the pivotal point of the ultimate outcome.
  8. What are you doing every day that makes you smile. For me there are at least 2 guaranteed times I’m very very happy. First thing in the morning I take my dog down to the beach and we swim laps of the ocean inlet (slow laps as he’s very small) and most evenings sunset at the surf-beach I walk for about an hour listening to my favourite music while my dog (Dudley) chases crabs (which I’m always saving). It doesn’t take much to keep me happy. Those daily feelings of happiness will reflect in your mood, the food you choose to eat and the company you keep and a lot more. It’s essential to a full and happy life..and isn’t that what we all want?
  9. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness or are always feeling unwell, have come to the conclusion that you will never feel good again and classify your day to day existence by how your disease is treating you – then you need to stop and look at several things in your life. I have had chronic disease so I know what its’ like and have found that by eating well, exercising and basically becoming happy it is no longer a hindrance at all. It will come back to haunt me when I’ve gone off the rails again – so I look on it with thanks when it appears and guide myself away from it.
  10. Be happy, eat well, laugh, go out to different places, meet new people, buy new and different food – try exotic options, change your morning routine. None of this is rocket science it’s just basic and refreshingly simple. Do something new – anything!

So yes – NOW is the time to change your diet, your life, ambitions, goals and loves. NOW is the time to be the way you were born to be.

If you’d like to talk more on this leave a message under here – I’d love to know your views


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