OK then – this has become personal now.

I started this 10 Day Blog Challenge thinking it’ll be fun to play around with it – spend a hour max a day and see what happens. No big deal I thought – I’m already doing a 30 day Challenge of a different kind and this will work together well.

Because I really want this blog to become successful.

I really want women who are stuck to see that it’s possible to break free and be amazing

I really want to be able to live a life of freedom and be there to inspire and motivate as well

I want my cake and I want to eat it as well……well who doesn’t?

Over the last 10 days I’ve

  • owned up to my 2 biggest challenges – One that I’m quite ashamed of
  • itemised what freedom means to me and what my absolutely dreamy – most perfect morning would be like
  • Confessed that I have my very own superpowers to rule the world and inspire, motivate, rant and stomp all my passion out through my blog, through public speaking and through just.quietly.listening.
  • written about how NOTHING will deter me once I’ve set my mind to it. It’s hard to shift my mindset and determination ….I think the other word for it is…stubborn
  • discovered the methods I’ve used to overcome feeling overwhelmed with the hugeness of my project.
  • Bowed down unashamedly before the people who have made this possible for me…in front of EVERYBODY! (so totally not me)
  • Walked in the rain, because I had to do something that I liked doing and hadn’t done for a while or something along those lines. It was supposed to be a bit of an adventure but…and this is where it starts to get weird..my car broke and I couldn’t go anywhere except the beach – it’s just down the road.
  • and then I itemised my visualisation of my most perfect destination – Whistler – and integrated it with my most perfect job. I wrote down what is my vision, what’s in my brain, what I think of every day. I wrote it all down and thought “I’m sure I’ve left shitloads out – I have no idea what I’m talking about”….BUT!

Then the weirds totally started.

When I make something public, make a huge effort to make it real, stumbling along with one eye open, progressing, excited and focused and the other eye looking at everything I’m doing and reminding me of how silly I’m being – when I do this, shit happens.

  • The internet got shut down (I’m trying to do an online thing here – hello?)
  • Had dinner with Natalie Sisson (one of my mentors – this is a good thing and reminded me that I’m where I want to be) and my guest podcast with her was made live! (that was an exciting moment)
  • Had some major technical problems with my website that stopped people from being able to sign up for my amazing free products (toot toot) – while so many new people were visiting my site
  • My car broke, I rely on it to make dollars, I couldn’t get a rental car to go to work because school holidays started today – they were all booked out and then the phone call from the mechanic….my car – it’s irreparable, unless of course I have $18,000.

My reaction? I laughed! blog-challenge-badge-12

Seriously….what more could I do? Here I am trying like heck to make this work, to meet the people I want to meet, to live the life I want to live….and all the time I’m between both worlds.

Doing the job I no longer want to do – but feel I have to because I’m good at it and it brings in a few dollars. This stops me.

No car? No job!      No job? Freaking HUGE effort to make this work!!!

What am I willing to give up to gain my Freedom? My Car!

The lovely thing about growing older is I’ve experienced this so many times now and know it hasn’t killed me, maimed me or even hurt me a little bit…it’s all good. Life moves on and now that I am so determined to do this nothing and I mean nothing will stop me now.

THAT is what I’ve learned for doing the Blog Challenge.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10 AND I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to do it again……Some powerful shit going on here.