You may remember that I have surrendered all the previous learnings and philosophies and have embraced my own take on life. This new way of living is empowering me to be who I am, the way I want to be and taking on challenges that suit me. There’s no pressure, there’s no stress, there’s just the knowledge that what I’m doing is just fine, it suits me and I’m happy.

Don’t think for a minute that I haven’t learned from what I have read and lived beforehand. The teachings, books and learned information is wonderful and it’s a fundamental part of who I am now.

It’s the way I am now interpreting them that’s setting me free. Just taking on a teaching as it is and not being who I am at the same time just hasn’t worked for me – I don’t think it works for anybody. Being in another persons mind doesn’t seem to me to be ‘living the dream’, it’s merely living someone else’s belief and replicating someone else’s ‘why, how and what’ when we – as adults – have a stack of life experience we can funnel into our decisions and knowledge. It does’t have to be someone else’s’ knowledge – we DO have our own.

I think we forget that, we are governed by school learning where we are taught that learning is from a book written by someone else, a bible – also written by someone else, we are guided though our early years often by parents who learned from books or advice – written or learned by someone else, then work and higher studies also guided by books written by someone else….the list can go on. But I think you get my drift.

While I was travelling from farm to farm, picking up work, living in a tent and working in 41c heat – it was difficult –  I often found myself falling back on the things I have learned over the years to manage. The funny thing is that it didn’t really serve me, didn’t do the job at all. I was using all that stuff to cover up how I was really feeling and I had no idea until I just stopped being someone else and stopped reading and listening to others advice or guidance. It was only then that I realised what was underneath, what I was harbouring and it was only then that I was able to experience, dive into and experience all that emotional crap and realise that it’s ok…I don’t need to cover it up anymore.

Talk about freedom!

This leads me to attraction and empowerment bit.

  • Having the knowledge of who you are,
  • how you got here,
  • respecting yourself and all you have learned during your life,
  • how you have dealt with major life hurdles and
  • laughed until you cried, then cried until you laughed

How real are you? How respectful of yourself are you? What do you REALLY want out of your life and what are you willing to surrender so that you CAN dream big and live the way you want to – not the way someone else has advised you to. This can be as simple as giving up coffee, having a look at your supplements and wondering if you really need them all, giving up sugar, changing your morning or evening routine, walking the dog on a different route, buying yourself something small that gives you a lot of pleasure.

What we think about becomes part of our lives. If anger is prevalent it usually results in a fight or disruption to our lives, if confusion is prevalent – not knowing what’s happening or how it will happen will happen, if disappointment is expected you will be disappointed. If you doubt me I challenge you to test it out. I’m trying not to replicate what I’ve learned and to be honest it sounds a bit ‘secret’ ish,

It’s the determination to be who we are that’s important, to honour ourselves and respect who we are and what we are capable of.

If you aren’t sure or you were like me and have absolutely NO IDEA what or where you are heading, it’s rather difficult to focus on that thing you want, isn’t it. Leaving my life behind and taking that leap of faith was the best thing I have ever done. That’s where I can come in to guide you through answering any questions you have and lead you to have the life you have always wanted. There’s no charge for this service at the moment, I’d just love to hear you are willing to think about changing something…anything and it does’nt have to be big, small is good. We all have to start this mindset to ensure it works. We are all such totally different people and capable and yearning for different things.

It time to find out what that is!