This is Day 4 of the 10 Day Challenge I’ve taken on and the topic for today is “What are your superpowers”.

My superpowers are the intersection of what I’m good at and what I love to do.

Wow. What can I say…Once I have removed the Superwoman picture from my brain I’m left to be real about this.

And there are some superpowers I just don’t have, I’m not great at maths or passionate about cooking, Nor am I a great at conforming or playing team sports and I’m certainly TERRIBLE at yoga.

There are a few ok things I can do, namely tuning into what my body needs and be disciplined enough to eat well, exercise enough and be open to change.

But the following are what I believe are my SUPER POWERS!!!

Giving people their power back by inspiring and motivating is my most fun superpower – this I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Standing up on stage and spruiking my knowledge and experiences, telling my story – not for the pat on the back – but to let others know it IS possible!! and even better seeing the results from those who are willing to take that step and wander tentatively outside their comfort zone.

Another Superpower of mine is being able to read people, to hear between the lines of their words and see the underlying reasons for their actions.

Another thing I truly LOVE to do is to communicate and I believe I’m also really good at doing this as well. So I’m claiming this as one of my Superpowers.

It’s odd claiming things I think I do well and ‘putting it out there’ – but these are the things I do love to do. I love rambling, sharing and getting people to say….I can do this!blog-challenge-badge-12

Are there any things you think you are good at, any qualities you have you’d love to share with others or simply what are the things that make your soul sing – your heart leap and your mind swim in joy…

Day 5 is up tomorrow – looking forward to see what the next days challenge will be!!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4