Clutter drives me CRAZY!

Even if it’s not MY clutter – I’ve removed all my ‘stuff’ from my life and live a simple life – thank god.

What is it about having stuff that holds us back and prevents us from being productive and flowing in our lives?

Every thing that exists in this world has a vibration – every thing vibrates at a different frequency –

every thing has an attachment to the person who owns it and therefore

it transmits a vibration from the thing  – and from the person towards the thing.

It’s like this super busy highway of ownership, dominance, attachment, feelings, love, hate…and MESS! Having clutter around you is like having a maze of laser beams coming from every possible direction  – it’s impossible to navigate through it without getting stung by the beam of incredulity at the constancy and determination of each of these crappy little beams of ownership, rejection and betrayal.

Imagine what it’s like to be in the middle of this! Bombarded from every angle of our surroundings!


my desk really DID look like this!

I’ve had a lot of stuff over the years and have got rid of it…accumulated it….got rid of it….and accumulated it…sold it , given it away, declared total dedication to ridding myself of this stuff and finally have reached a place of peace with what I own. So I know what it’s like – it’s a hell on wheels, forever procreating the need for more stuff to transfer the love, hate, emotional attachment to from the older stuff hasn’t filled that emotional void – the empty space that seems to be eternally fed with junk.

Browsing though brochures hoping something will fill this void of emptiness and need…which will ultimately be bought, stashed and forgotten.

The drawers are full, under the bed is blocked up with more stuff that there’s no room on the drawers for…infact the drawers are ONLY used for stashing JUNK…nothing can be found here..nothing. its an accumulation of crap that would take weeks to sort through.The yard is full of broken stuff, even under the house is full of more broken clutter…

‘just incase it might be useful one day’ …I’ve BEEN THERE!

I’ve kept broken stuff – just incase – and know how it feels to have the heaviness of ownership of stuff I don’t need. It dragged me down, my mind was as cluttered as my home, drawers, cupboards and life. There was no clarity, no peace and no way out through the maze of unnecessary crap.

Not owning stuff hasn’t made me want to fill my life with newer more fancy stuff, or spend time at places that are more upbeat and pretty…I’ve never missed ANY of it! Not one bit of it, at any time, any situation or at any way, thought or form.

It’s no longer mine, there is no void inside me now, no area that doesn’t know the feeling of true happiness and the freedom of being able to think thoughts that are completely mine, no clutter thoughts, no ownership, no looking at brochures thinking “mmm, maybe there’s something in here – if I search my mind for an empty spot that can be filled – that will make me smile”.

I now smile from true happiness, true non-ownership, knowing that I have never owned anything in my life, but it has (in a sense) owned me…I have no desire to be owned by anything or anyone. Not wanting to literally be a slave to utter rubbish.

My take on ‘ownership is……….

I have chosen to have things nearby that serve me, I look after them in respect for their service…it’s a win win situation.

Me and my ‘belongings’ work together well. we serve each other perfectly.

Isn’t that the way it should be?

Are you a hoarder? Constantly at garage sales, second-hand stores and seeking out bargains on Gumtree or Craigslist? Is your lounge room full of stuff, your kitchen overloaded with odds and ends, every space in your home filled to the max?

To add to that (it’s actually connected) is your life at a standstill, redoing the same thing every day and –  your mind is also accumulating stuff that isn’t needed either.

There’s so MUCH to the clutter thing it’s mind-blowing. Talk about mind, body (check out your weight for example) and spirit PLUS the inability to move freely in your home with is mirrored in the inability to move freely in your life.

Are you at a loss to clear it all out??

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