My views on health have been forged through life experiences, clinic practice and deep deep thought.

Having been in the health field for 39 years (oh my god!! I just triple checked that that was right,…god thats a long time eh) I have seen lots of things, some go seemingly miraculously right and some go terribly wrong and many many things just coast along with not much change at all.

There are times I have been cursed for making the persons life worse, praised for completely turning their life around and other times people are just happy to keep the status quo not shifting much at all and these I would call my “regular clients”, never completely fixing or getting much worse but just going up and down according to their life’s influences at the time.

The treatments I have done on people have varied from Body Work to vibrational therapies and over the years I have learned many healing modalities but basically I have treated all my clients with the respect they desire and tune in to what it is they would like to achieve without asking as much.

I tune in to the real person, the person beneath the facade of the body, the beingness of them, the core self, the soul…whatever you like to call it. It is from here I perceive the blocks or the acceptance that gives me the open door to work from, to find out whether the need is to be fixed enough that’s acceptable or to use the treatment as a stepping stone to soar into their life.

My intent has been the same, to serve. The results as stated above have been dramatically diverse.

Over the years I have seen many things that have influenced  and helped me to think longer and deeper

  • A man trying to recover from end stage cancer by drinking bucket loads of carrot juice ( he was orange!)
  • A man who had shot himself in the head with a 22, but missed doing it properly and all he accomplished was the inability to speak and a permanent erection (his girlfriend thought it was hilarious and was advised to put a cold spoon on it?!, there are times the medical field has a bit to answer for.)
  • A man who had lost the entire Temporal Lobe of his brain and was classified as a “vegetable” laugh. This is one of the miracles I witnessed and was totally due to the love of his family, he not only laughed, but got the full use of his body back and could also talk again…This is a story I will write about at a later time.
  • A young girl who hadn’t been able to walk for 3 months get up and walk after 2 weeks of bodywork, she was one overjoyed youngster, as was her mum.
  • A young lady who had an incurable disease that was wasting her legs and causing the most severe pain completely recover after 2 bodywork treatments, she was back at work and had completely changed her personal life after this.
  • People sob or laugh uncontrollably sometimes both at the same time and often for 20 mins during a bodywork session…highlighting the strong connection between the body and our emotional state.

I could go on, but there are way too many to remember for this post. Suffice to say even thought the treatment was the same whether from a medical point of view or a bodywork objective the outcome was widely varying.

So to get back to why I am writing this,


Health is a matter of whims, a matter of really wanting to get better, to stay the same, to prove you are normal no matter what the outcome (and this isn’t always a nice outcome), to be happy, to stay miserable, to follow the pack, to grow, to love, to heal, to suffer….the choice to heal is a personal one and can’t be judged or classified.

It is simply, to coin a ridiculously overused word….it’s a journey (god I hate what the media has done to our language).

A journey of discovery of learning what we don’t want, what we do want and what and how we can accomplish these things in our own way and maintaining our strength and integrity and………my aim is always to help people find their happiness, their fun, their joy and enthusiasm.

To envision colour, laughter, creativity and adventure in their lives.

Health is a vibrational manifestation of how we feel. Never despair at how you feel… it will change, ALL things change All the TIME!

Nothing is static, we might like to think we can maintain a static life of being settled and secure, of knowing we have “made it” and it will all work out now, or that we have bummed out and really screwed ourselves and there’s no recourse, but no…life is change, its all about diversity and adjustment, adversity and acceptance.

The most important thing to do is to simply enjoy where we are. The rest will fall into place as perfectly as possible.