When I was a little girl on the odd occasion my dad would drive me to school, I would sit in the car seat beside him, close my eyes and believe that this drive would go forever.

The feeling of moving forward which to me was like flying and the desire to arrive in some distant place was overwhelming. It was so strong I yearned for this feeling and loved going for drives – anywhere. It wasn’t that I didn’t have to catch the school bus and it wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to school  – it was simply a yearning for freedom. I would close my eyes and go there often.

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Fast forward to now. A lot as happened since then. I’m now qualified, been married and divorced, birthed and raised 6 kids, owned my own business and much more – and  still – that desire for freedom has never left.

Through all of this time –  independence is a common thread as is being pragmatic and down to earth. But my version of freedom has changed – it now incorporates much more. Not just a vehicle of travel, but a way of life that is incomparable to the limitations that are set by our society.

What does Freedom mean to me?

  • Being able to earn an income the way I want to  – teaching midlife women the joy and possibility of freedom of choice
  • Independence
  • Not doing it within a timeframe of 9-5 or even within a 5 day week no matter what days they are.
  • Being answerable to myself and my clients only
  • Testing my creative spirit
  • The opportunity to meet others who have that same spirit.
  • Being able to have a holiday and still have income coming in
  • Travelling overseas to see my family and be able to work from there as well if necessary.

Do I think my version of freedom could benefit the world?


We women who are called “old ducks” have the capability to do immeasurable good for each other and everyone else! Having already been through the mill, there’s not too much we haven’t experienced and learned from. It’s time for us to share our skills.

The extra dimension that us women who have already felt the fear and done it anyway can add to the world would take it to a beautiful level of understanding , compassion and empathy.

so ladies – get to it – it’s time to spread the LOVE!!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2