Varda Epstein: Award winning writer & Mother to 12 Children

by Brigid Fitzgerald | The Simple Life Diaries

Varda Epstein: Award winning writer and mother of 12 grown children.

This woman is a true inspiration in gutsiness, determination, common sense, talent and humour.

Varda moved from her hometown of Pittsburgh to Israel when only 18 determined to follow her heart after being inspired both by her Jewish faith and the book Exodus by Leon Uris. This determination has proven to be a common thread throughout her life that has taken her to new heights in the writing world.
Being dedicated to her Jewish Orthodox faith Varda has produced 12 children who admire her achievements as a writer enormously.

Varda was always always looking for ways to support her rather large family and ran several cottage industries until she found she could help support her family through her writing – which paid the rent and some utilities – therefore taking the financial pressure off the family.

Writing took over as a “means to an end” but her writing is now amazing and reaches into far flung areas of the internet.  One busy and truly inspirational woman.

Listen in to find out Varda’s views on:

  • ageism – is it real
  • how to make it happen
  • raising a (very) large family and how to manage it
  • her plans for the future
  • a personal style of writing she developed herself
  • and much much more

You’ll also find out her breakthrough, what prompted her to send off her first article 10 years ago and how that  has turned out for her. How feeling like being a writer has taken her away from being “just a mommy” but to be truthful her family history is steeped in amazing writers. She recently won the Hasby Award for her writing.

It’s almost like she had no choice.

“Dare to Be Real” Is Varda Epstein’s advice to all women.

You can find Varda on Facebook  where she shares her articles about family, politics and other writing related posts – the link is ….  Facebook Varda Meyers Epstein

I’m also adding the post that made me realise I HAD to speak to this woman How I Reinvented Myself After Raising 12 Kids    Enjoy.

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