Over the last 20 years I have immersed myself in so many different philosophies. It’s become too much information.

Eckart Tolle, Dr Joe Dispenza, books on karma, whole foods, conscious eating, business, mindset, I’ve listened to Alan Watts and studied and finished several courses on health, business, travel and more.

Ultimately they are all opinions of different people that have been mapped out into a belief system of their own making and ultimately too much information.

I’ve given them all up, very last one.

Yep, I am no longer meditating to Joe Dispenza, no longer trying to just “be”, no longer have any fear of karma coming to get me, I eat what I want, run my business the way I am happy with, I have my own mindset and I’m no longer wishy washy about why we are here, I’ve given up all my certification and am living life on my own terms.

I’m not saying that any of them are wrong….but…they aren’t mine.

These are people who have, and often still are doing very well by selling their opinions and life stories are selling their opinions, experiences and life stories..

Once again – there’s nothing at all wrong with that – because gaining information from a different perspective rounds out our own personal knowledge. What we can learn from the result of their products is to realise that we also have the inner knowledge to also make our own belief system, and we can live it with all the strength and enjoyment possible from our own knowledge.

Having a base of the information I have learned in my life, the amazing things I have seen and been privy to, the people I have met, the miracles I have seen are all just as amazing and pertinent to my life path and my future as anyone else’s.

I’m not going to go into the ‘we are all just amazing beings’ because I’m simply over that philosophy as well, we aren’t children who need to be perked up all the times, we are adults who have lived, suffered, succeeded, failed, laughed, cried and done all the other things that people have done for ever. We really aren’t all that special or different, we are born just as any other animal is, we live making choices along the way and then our lives finish.

It’s really simple. It’s not bad or sad but it can be very empowering.

Because our lives ARE so simple, it is good reason for us to be able to make simple, easy, solid decisions. Not based on fact (which seems to be ever changing), but based on our own inner knowledge.

The inner knowledge of self-trust, of happiness, of love (I know I know, its such an over used and maligned word and has been for decades – I’m talking about the love you see from a child’s eyes, from a small animals eyes – the pure form of simpleness that wells up in your heart and brings tears to your eyes).

We can make decisions to be the person we could have been without all the mind games we have been subjected to by the blessed media, the government, our teachers, our parents (yep, I’m guilty as well), advertising, magazines, movie ‘stars’ (what IS that?), we are manipulated to such a degree it’s difficult to see a path out. At every step there’s something or somebody trying to veer us away to another way of thinking that’s not ours. It can be and it IS very confusing.

There’s just too much information out there…………….and I have the perfect solution!

Just stop it.

Stop all the input, turn off the devices that are confusing you. Stop reading the books, the information, the stories, the ‘news’ that are also putting you n the mindset of someone else. Come back to you, yourself, your happiness,  your own stories, you’re own way of doing things, your own recipe for living.

Once you are there you can start to take that step towards the life you’ve always wanted. Take control of your life again and guide it towards your own personal vision.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream” – Mark Twain

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