The big problem with starting anew in life at an age when you are already ‘set in your ways’ is to change things.

Not to just take off and repeat what you did and thought before, react the same way, repeat the same mistakes and try to feed the same wants.

It’s all about creating a new you!…one that is the way you are deep inside, the shining light, the happy child, the dancing hippy…whatever and whoever you are – this is your chance to let it out, to be that person you yearn to be and to free.

So, you need NEW habits, or maybe even NO habits! Just a flow of activity and an embracing of the fluidness of life as it flows past you and through you and over and under you.

How do you change yourself that much? How do you find the true you?

How do you give up Tim Tams, nightly beers, meat 3 times a day, a chocolate bar a night or whatever it is that light your fire right now? How do you give up smoking, taking pain killers when you have a headache instead of trying a new way to deal with it, exercising when you usually watch tv or trawl the internet, change your job when you are so unhappy there you are practically a comatose puppet – “but hey it pays doesn’t it” is your defence.

How to change?………….Take a risk!

Do something ANYTHING that is different and makes you think a little differently…THAT is the important thing here, to recognise a change in thought patterns, removed from the usual repetitive thoughts that go round and round in your head day after day, minute after minute.

Changing your activities changes the outcome of your day.

If you are a TV watcher…stop it…now.

TV  and the media are the biggest mind control systems out there in the world, How often do you find yourself watching reruns of some show that’s 20 years old, with your face in a state of death mask stillness…no life there, no thinking there either, just a repetitive process of nothingness which causes a cycle of apathy and the worst part is the mind will seek out more of this listlessness to keep it there. Crazy eh.

IMG_1287But if you get up…turn it off. have a plan, or even go outside and have a cup of tea under a tree, on the verandah, in the park…anywhere that’s free of the stimulus that is binding your mind, actions and life to inertia….. that’s a start. But you have to keep it up! You can’t just do one thing and then say “well I did this thing, it was ok, but I am still in the same rut I don’t want to be in, so it didn’t change a thing”.

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You are born alone, as a single being, encased in the body with a fully formed personality…it’s up to you to embrace your singularity, rejoice in your freedom to be the person you are, to let go of all the things you have been told during your life by parents, teachers, authority figures, tv, music, the media, fashion…it’s time to let it all go, be a slob if you want, be so damned happy with yourself your can barely recognise yourself, even when you find yourself lying on your back in the dirt, feet wriggling in happiness at being out of those shoes, after a hard physical days work in the hot, hot sun, listening to your favourite music while the wind has blown your tent down and is blowing grit through your hair as you lie there and so damned happy its ridiculous.

That’s when you know you are getting somewhere. that’s when you are starting to be someone closer to yourself.

Take the challenge, embrace the changes happening around you, talk to the people you are biased about and have judged as being not worth talking to, watch them open up…

remember…. we are all afraid.

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And this is YOUR time.