The Power of the Mind over the Body Part 2: Make the Decision to Change

by Brigid Fitzgerald | The Simple Life Diaries


This is Part 2 in the Power of the Mind over the Body Series. You will find the previous section here –  Part 1: How to Recognise the Triggers that Influence your Health.

Once you have recognised how your mind and actions, thoughts and deeds are affecting your health, your life and your destiny it’s time to take the next step and make the Decision to change, to gather your resolve and get your butt into gear.

It’s all well and good getting all deep and meaningful while you search out how and why you have what you have and feel what you feel and are where you are….but if you don’t actively make the decision to change, to improve your health then….it’s a no-brainer really.

Nothing will happen unless you decide to make it happen.

Have you experienced times of disappointment, pain, upheaval, tragedy and frustration in your life? I sure have. What did you do when these occurred? Did you stop, reevaluate and change, did you overcome your limitations or did you just shrug your shoulders and give your life up to your current existence.

Going with the flow is NOT the answer. You will end up where the flow takes you not where your dreams and desires lie. Then you’ll say “how on earth did this happen?”. If you are like me you will repeat this again and again until the resolve to change kicks in.

Once you have made the decision that ‘enough is enough’ it’s time to take control of the situation, decide on a strategy and implement it.

It’s important to remember to keep in mind that we are not simply the sum of one thought or reaction associated with a joint, muscle or symptom – we are the accumulated mass of experiences, pre-conceived ideas, fears, joys, social connections, habits and even our food choices! There’s no “one rule for all” here. And your decision to change and the way your implement it will also be unique to you – but it will entail a change in mindset, a passion and determination and excitement.

The decision to move on – to recognise that you are capable of more is something that will make your heart sing.

I mentioned in Part 1 of this series – Recognition – that I had a simple method for getting rid of my back pain. This is not just a niggle, it can become a full blown crippling mess if I let it.

My cure is simple. Now that I’ve made the connection between what I’m feeling emotionally and how my physical body is feeling all I have to do is say to myself “Stop being such a baby” (harsh- but it works). This back pain of mine is stemming from a place of not being held and supported in life, a very vulnerable place that can leave me collapsed and having to lie down for days.

Basically I’m feeling sorry for myself – a case of ‘it’s not fair’. Simply reminding myself that I am supported, thinking of my friends, family, community and even just my inner self (my greatest ally) takes the pain away.

Adding to that I’ve found that altering my gait, swinging my hips proudly and embracing a fluidness to my movements while walking tall helps no end.

This is my cure, it may not work for you or maybe it will. We are all different and it has taken me a while to figure it out.

The uniqueness we possess is overwhelmingly freeing  – once we embrace it.

Make the choice between health and illness. If you make no choice you will receive…whatever happens.

Focus on how you want to feel and not on the pain, angst and frustration you feel. Focusing on the pain will bring more pain, more illness and before you know it – you will become that illness. Whereas concentrating on and desiring wellness brings health. I know – it sounds cheesy and I understand that. But now that I’ve achieved it by using those simple methods above I am my own testimony – and not just for the back pain, but also headaches, an “incurable’ long term illness, sprained ankles, a fractured thumb. I’m not saying I magically cured these ailments but being able to shift my mindset to one of peace, removing the angst, self judgement and frustration and actively relaxing my body prevents the situation from affecting the rest of my body and putting me on a roller coaster ride of cause and effect.

It put me in control – peacefully.

Next week we get into Step 3: Persistence! Why it’s so important and how to maintain your stamina to be constantly vigilant

Be patient, experiment, have fun, change some things in your life, do something different, take a risk. Live outside of your box – you’ll love it!



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