Stephanie Johnstone: Found her Passion in Bangladesh

by Brigid Fitzgerald | The Simple Life Diaries

Stephanie Johnstone of She Made This has always had a passion and love of creativity.

But her her journey has travelled through banking, design, marketing managing and then progressing onto Interior Design! This blend has been a magical mix for her.

The Golden  Thread through Stephanie’s life has been creativity and a love of “nurturing and inspiring people to be the best they can”

This spirit – coupled with a husband who follows his passions – took them to Bangladesh where life presented her with an opportunity she couldn’t refuse.

A partnership offered in a Fair Trade company..

Incorporating the tagline of her business

“Creating Change Through Conscious Choices”

Coupled with her marketing background and love of travel and creativity She Made This has become a much better source of income for the women who make the products in Bangladesh and Nepal which are of superior workmanship than those we usually find for sale. The company ensures these women are paid well for their products which range from large  and small woven baskets and bags to small ceramic gifts.

Stephanie’s story has a natural flow of passion, desires and opportunity. Listening to her makes it sound so simple and natural.

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