Has Life Become Overwhelming? Too much stuff? Overloaded with info? Can’t find room to think?

The 7 Steps Essential to Lead a Simple Life

Easy methods to
Simplify your kitchen, kids rooms, bathroom, bedroom and your thoughts…..and have room to dream.

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Hi I’m Brigid Fitzgerald and you aren’t the only one who has collected stuff over the years – we have all done it. It’s a consumer society. One that harasses us into buying stuff – even second hand stuff …(even animals!) – that we just don’t need.

Something that is bought on special e.g. 2 for the price of 1, is NOT a special if you don’t actually need it. It’s an extra few dollars spent supporting the slave trade of poorly paid workers that make these items…whether toys, clothes or chocolates.

This calls for a simplification strategy that is simple and yet may appear brutal (but it’s not really).

I’m going to offer you several steps to get through this time of turmoil….god help us – we need it (some help that is)….

So I have written 7 steps for you to try, I hope you enjoy them!

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