Pam Shaw: A Kiwi With True Spirit

by Brigid Fitzgerald | The Simple Life Diaries

Pam Shaw is truly a Kiwi with true spirit and grit.

A determined and feisty woman who was a Registered Nurse and had a high-stress career in Intensive Care.

Determined to be near the snow she now lives 30mins away from a ski resort and is happy as a Kiwi in Snow.

Pam’s feistiness is shown perfectly by booking flights to the USA to “live the dream” and still hadn’t even received her visa the day before she was leaving. She rocked up to the Embassy and informed them that she wasn’t leaving without it! And got it!! I’m in awe.

Pam overcame the stereotype she was raised to be and has discovered that ‘following the dream’ is totally possible.

Pam’s passion is getting Americans – and the rest of the world – fit and healthy through diet and exercise and “get their act together” in midlife

Her passion is inspiring.

Things you’ll learn in this Podcast with Pam Shaw are:

  • Pam’s alternate views on why we have retirement
  • Why we should embrace midlife as merely the “middle of your life”
  • Why she travelled so much at a young age
  • A theory on the effect all the chemicals in food in the USA are having and it’s surprising effects.
  • What “Middle-aged spread” really is

“This is not about a quick fix, and then go back to where you were before!’ It is about making ‘lifestyle adjustments’ that you can sustain, and enjoy your life, for years to come. It is about throwing the ‘packet crap’ away, and embracing good fresh foods, where you know where they came from! It is about an exercise regime that you can sustain and enjoy for ever more! It is about listening to your bodies, and feeding them with love! To your life!”


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