Today it’s time to break that Myth of Midlife that only men have a midlife crisis.


I had one – infact I’ve had several over the years.

They say that men suffer more from this stage of midlife angst that women do. But my answer to that is ” what about all the things I gave up for my husband – my dreams and hopes – thoughts of travel, adventure and ….god help me….I even surrendered my BMW motor bike!”
Women of my age often did jobs that had very little chance of progress…often teachers, nurse or receptionists.
We were stuck in a dead end job with a new up and coming generation of newly trained enthusiastic and ambitious youngsters.
I was lucky in that retraining myself gave me an “out”. I started my own business but still cleaned, fed, budgeted and did all the other stuff…and NO one ever trained me how to run my own business so that was total trial and error (it was years before I made any money)
So -I beg to differ…I think we suffer as much as men. We often don’t buy fast red cars or get a lover on the side – (or at least I didn’t) but…
This is – I believe – why so many women my age are on anti-depressants.

Hope you enjoy!