Welcome to 2015

This is your (and my) year or Freedom, Health and Change.

This may sound like a bit of a rant but here goes anyway. My 2014 wound up with a annihilation of things I thought were completely necessary in my life.

The term “First World Problems” has been uttered within my earshot quite a lot over the last several months and to be honest I thought I had a grip on this concept and was not being as “first World” obsessed as I had previously been.
The breakdown of my car amidst much smoke and grinding sounds on Christmas Eve totally grounded me for a few days (wonderful). My car is irrepairable.
My blender also died a sad and brutal death, leaking out fluid from its butt – appearing like it had a bad case of the runs (not a good look – but merely a banana smoothie that had leaked through the engine).
My internet stopped after I had dripped water on the modem from the purified water I have to buy because our first world water is dangerous for our health.
I became burned out after a very busy December at the clinic and did a crash and burn for several days.

This got me thinking –

I have been totally reliant on vehicles that add stress to my life. Knowing everything that breaks has to replaced – at a price or I run the risk of being alienated from the “real world”. ¬†Whether these be a car (which has been advocated as my freedom machine), my blender (producer of awesome vegan raw smoothies), the internet (supplier of endless information and technological genius) or using my body as a vehicle of endless energy and source of income and thinking I can do it “no matter the cost”.
Luckily my modem regained its legs and is now working again.
But the loss of my car has catapulted me into action! I have been riding my pushbike to the beach twice a day with the dog who surprisingly has learned to run nicely beside it. We go for a swim and cycle back. My other bike has been fixed to enable me to ride to work once I do a few runs to get my fitness up (its a fair way with several hills and lots of traffic) and regarding the blender I have discovered that a smoothie CANNOT be made in the food processor (what a mess!) so I am smoothiless right now and coping very well.
Losing these things has released the creativity in me. Enabled me to be more enthusiastic about life and it’s challenges, being more spontaneous and fearless about my decisions. They are only small things really and there are so many alternatives for us…thats the benefits of living in a first world country.
How is this related to health you may be asking?!
Well….this is my specialty. Our health is directly related to our reaction to our environment and situation. Before this all happened I knew something was up. I was constantly thinking about the cost of looming car costs and my feeling of being stuck in my food habits and my reliance on the internet for information and entertainment.Young woman cycling in the park at sunset
I was tired constantly, my backpain couldn’t be shifted and I just felt “off” and quite jaded and bleak.
I love change – I am now enthusiastic and looking forward to the things changing around me and the opportunities they are supplying to me.
The best you can do for yourself is to be happy – no excuses. Things happen, change is constant and moving with the change is the most fun and challenging thing you can do. Enjoy the changes, enjoy your freedom to choose, enjoy unplugging from the things you thought you couldn’t live without.
Your health will benefit, your feeling of selfness with improve, new opportunities will open up to you, your pain will be minimal or simply disappear within the enthusiasm of the life you thought you couldn’t have – but now know you can.

Your New Year 2015 will be the best.