Nadine Nelon: What she did when Her Health Fell apart.

by Brigid Fitzgerald | The Simple Life Diaries

Nadine Nelen was living in Belgium and working in the Maritime Industry when her life and her health began to fall apart.

It was a time in Nadine’s midlife when several things went wildly wrong  –   namely a relationship breakdown and awareness of major dissatisfaction with her job. So she decided that something had to give – and it was both her choice of country and her career that came under fire.

Having always had a good income it was a risk she felt was necessary to move on in her life and NOTHING was going to stop her.

Nadine then came upon Yasmin Boland – New Moon Wishes and her life took off in a totally new direction.

Nadine went from a very masculine based Maritime Industry to become a Money Mindset Mentor, Soul’s whisper Translator, Life Purpose Facilitator, bestselling author, artist, aura reader and Reiki Master.

What a transition!!

I really admire Nadine’s determination and ingenuity in using patience and continually using techniques that enabled her to achieve her dreams – her perfect life. his has placed her in the wonderful position to teach other HOW to do this – her achievements are momentous and inspiring

IMG_0509-1080x675During this interview she reveals her manifestation technique that got her from Belgium to Australia where her love of and yearning for the beach, warm weather and reading books were presented to her. Nadine even discovered true love.

Nadine gives away some of her personal manifesting secrets and explains in detail the “power of your WHY” AND……during this interview Nadine has a very generous giveaway so listen in!

You’ll find Nadines website here where you’ll also find her best selling book – yes! Nadine has also achieved that as well!! The name of the book?  “Yes I DO and  I did.”

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