I wake up early – in the mountains in Canada in my beautiful warm home. It’s snowy, beautiful, cold and fresh.

I give my lovely man a morning hug, have a stretch and get up to a beautiful cold, sunny, snowy day. I check the banked wood fire and get it going again. Then I make a Chai latte and sit in the morning sun in my comfy chair to chill and rest my mind, breathing deeply and being so happy with the way my life is panning out,

[bctt tweet=”The only things I have to do today is have fun, no work, no deadlines, no meetings…just fun things. The day is totally free. #freedomplan #10DBC ” username=”MidLife_Freedom”]

How awesome is that!snow-trees-720dpi

Time to have a shower, get dressed and ready for the day. Today is a day on the mountain!! We grab our snowboards and helmets and head off – it’s only a short walk.

We go and have a beautiful breakfast with our buddies at our favourite little cafe looking up at the mountains which are totally deluged with soft, clean, shiny, beautiful snow. I love snow.

We are lucky today, there’s not many people here and there was a big dump of snow last night, perfect. We caught the Gondola up and got off up the top near the Roundhouse, clipped the snowboard on ….and off we went!!

blog-challenge-badge-12My snowboarding skills have improved dramatically over the season so now I can cruise between the trees and do some little jumps. Still staying on-piste just to be safe and we can drop into the coffee shop on the way down for a quick catch-up.
I get a lot of joy from snowboarding and testing my skills, balance and occasionally just sitting near the trees and enjoying the view and watching people wandering past, the kids amaze me, the older people enjoying their freedom and all the snowboard crazies.

This is my perfect day up to lunch and we wandered down to the village and picked up some sushi and a beer.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3