What is depression – according to the dictionary it’s the state of sadness or gloominess, being lower in spirits, dejected, dispirited.

ok – seriously – is that it?

Is that all depression really is?

so why is everyone I know on antidepressants?

  • Is it our inability to cope with change in our lives or a
  • feeling of not being ‘normal’,
  • is it our total reliance on the medical world to provide the answer in a pill?

There are times when medical intervention is necessary, I’m not denying that at all – but is it really as much of a problem as it’s put out to be….

I’ve been ‘depressed’, I’ve certainly been gloomy, sad, cried for days and nights, have felt totally dejected and dispirited at times for weeks on end.

Getting through this is possible without drugs, legal or not….in fact I have found it to  a much better way to find your way through it and come out the other side as a stronger far more capable and self-believing woman.

When drugs/medication are introduced life continues to ‘be the same’ thus perpetuating the sameness that we have been living – ensuring that life continues along its merry way, unchanged, continuing to do the things that you have always done whether you like them or not.

Surely when a feeling comes up – such as a state of panic, anxiety or unease it makes sense that THAT feeling is to be watched, seen as a warning that something is just not right – not that it should be crushed and repressed into a non-feeling, a mellow pillow of normal.

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I know this because I’ve done it and know anything is possible now as opposed to taking a pill and thinking that staying in the same situation and coping with it is better and more acceptable.

There were times I used to be ashamed of being me and of feeling strong , I tried to ‘toe the line’ and be normal like everybody else – but eventually I’d notice other women do amazing things with their lives even as teenagers and think “oh wow – if only I had that opportunity…

well you DO!! and it’s time to step up and take your life by the horns and go and LIVE it the way you want to

NOT the way the Dr, your family, friends or anyone else …especially the tv says to….

You need to ask yourself this question… “Am I being and acting like a puppet?” Are your legs and arms moving in ways you didn’t think of when you were young? Would you consider yourself to be a disappointment to your younger self... Would you like more fun, spontaneity and community on your life?

I remember being a young mum and yearning for the supportive community of young families or even older people who could advise, support and also allow me to reciprocate during those heady, confusing times of young motherhood.

I would sit there, looking at my babies and wonder “is this it?” Seriously – I was gobsmacked. I’d done so many things in my life already.

  • Musical director and performer of school productions,
  • Was a bit of a freethinking rascal
  • Danced at Major Sydney Theatres
  • Left home – alone –  on a train  – with a suitcase,
  • Put myself through nursing,
  • Bought a HUGE BMW motor bike,
  • Taken off alone with the intention of travelling around Australia on my bike
  • Met the ” man of my dreams”,
  • Got married,
  • Started having beautiful babies and then realised….”something is off”.

Nothing progressed past that, I got stuck.

It’s like there’s no preparation for the reality of being a mum and from here it escalates to questioning, but there are no decent answers, no community, no fun, no reason. Life swiftly becomes a series of ‘have to’ and ‘I’d better do’  and fears of not doing it right.

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It’s NOT depression.

There are so many transitions we go through during our life:

  • child to teenager
  • teenager to workforce
  • workforce, loans and marriage
  • marriage, more loans, kids and work
  • marriage changes, teenage kids, work demands, mortgage/higher rent
  • ……and it goes on and on and on

Each of these stages of life are times of transition just as ‘midlife crisis’ is.

It’s a time to re-evaluate where you are and if you feel it’s to your benefit. I don’t mean to just up and walk away – but to be introspective, thoughtful and constructive. Being creative is the most pleasurable solution and we are exceptionally creative beings.

Think of ways to make your situation better for you.

More fun. More fulfilling and meaningful. Ways to feel the deep compassionate and giving person you are. Resentfulness and unhappiness come from not living our lives – but it’s up to us to find it….no one else and NOT a pill.


It’s time to find new strategies to enjoy and embrace these stages and make sure they are done in a way that benefits us – therefore benefiting those around us.

This is paramount to living an enjoyable existence here on this earth.