Karen Ross - Made a Sea Change that Revolutionised Her Life

by Brigid Fitzgerald | The Simple Life Diaries


Sharon Ross was  living in the city….doing what she’d always done, working doing the job she knew so well – but it was no longer lighting her fire.

So, what should she do? Just change her job to find a ‘better’ or more lucrative one?

Or do you follow your true dreams….

Karen Ross is an entrepreneur, transformational coach, trainer and speaker and is an inspiration in following her dreams. She has many gems of personal and professional insights to share…it’s so worth the listen.

Karen’s catch line is “Are you using your brain on purpose?”

Her working life has taken her throughout Europe and New Zealand so she is no stranger to picking up and moving and had the guts to do it again after the age of 40 – when most women are already in “the zone”.

Karen is a leader to her clients and the rest of us by walking her talk and living her own dream. Not forgetting to make even more plans to expand her dream even further as time goes on!


What you will learn in this Podcast:

  • The importance of Unlearning our preconceived ideas of busyness
  • How being in nature affects our work and life
  • Rediscovering and living our teenage passions
  • How important it is to be an inspiration and leader to our kids
  • Our Priorities are changeable at any time

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Listen to this podcast and you’ll learn how to find the courage to take the leap of faith necessary to live the life you truly deserve, not the one that you think is more ‘acceptable”

Enjoy the podcast.


This is the FIRST of a continuous stream of podcasts devoted to WOMEN OVER THE AGE OF 40 who have taken that leap of faith and done what is – I believe – to be absolutely essential to their wellbeing.

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