Is Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back?

How long does it take until the comfort zone becomes a place of unease, of unfulfilled dreams, a place of complacency and boredom and ultimately a place that you are too afraid to leave.

Fixed Mindset and How it Can Crush Your Health

It’s pretty obvious that the growth health mindset is the one that will help you overcome any health problems you may have – by deciding to make decisions based on your own research, able to listen and take advice from others, taking on a challenge and if things go wrong – get up, brush yourself off and try something new.

5 Steps to Invent Your Perfect Health Blueprint

You can invent your own Perfect Health Blueprint The theme for today’s living is we have to “do it fast”. If we don’t receive a result in 30 seconds then (we assume) it obviously just. doesn’t. work. Then we decide it's time to try something else and if that doesn't...

How healthy do you feel?

How healthy do you feel? Step into your courage and explore what you are capable of with new awareness with 7 Day Food Mindset Mastery

NO Fad Diets Here!!

Fad diets are determined by their temporary nature – and are usually followed by a group of enthusiastic people…for a while

2016 – not a bad year at all!

Wow! What a year 2016 has been!

So much has happened and yet – so much is the same…but different. Don’t you just love progress?

2016 for me was a year of flux, transition, pain and huge concrete realisations.

The Secret to a Simple Life

I love having not much stuff. And I've been like this for as long as I remember. A really quick rundown of my preference for minimalism........... Aged 17 - I caught a train to Sydney - leaving home, forever - with only a small carry on suitcase with me. Aged 22 -...

Cacao and Almond Balls with Orange Oil

CACAO & ALMOND BALLS with WILD ORANGE OIL These are such a hit and have been for years. I use Wild Orange DoTerra Oil to give it that extra zing. You will need a food processor for this - it's near impossible in the blender. INGREDIENTS 1 Cup dates 1 cup almonds 1/3...

Dealing With Your Health Sabotages

You have done the Ho'oponopono  (I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) a zillion times, meditated on the realities of your new health future, ditched the friends who only talk of how sick they are and terrible they feel, met new people who are closer to...