It’s been over 1 month now since my car died a sad and tragic death amidst much smoke and many shudderings.

My only source of transport are my two bikes. One is a beautiful Cruiser my sons bought for me 2 years ago but I have barely used and the other is a 21 speed serious bike I travelled all over the west coast of Scotland on about 15 years ago.

To have both these bikes repaired to “like new” condition cost me the same amount that I sold my broken car for – $300! New tires, brakes and gears adjusted, oiled and revamped. Awesome! I have put a big plastic box on the back of both of them to carry stuff in and well as put my dog in when he gets a bit tired (he’s a smallish dog) from running alongside the bike (which I didn’t know he could do either!)

I have also got used to:

  • buying small amounts of food daily and putting them into my bike basket, I hardly ever have to throw food out now as I have become very very picky about how much I buy at a time.
  • Getting quite fit! It’s surprising how just a small amount of cycling a day tones the body up.
  • Walking to the beach with the dog at sunset with my headphones in. Its not something I ever did – I used to drive to the nearest dog beach and do the mandatory “walk the dog” thing with everyone else. Now its something I look forward to! Dudley (my little dog) runs around looking for crabs, rolling in old dead things, forages in the long grass and has a few swims while I meander and dance along the beach to my favourite tunes while being amazed at how wonderful life is!
  • the fact that after so many years of driving EVERYWHERE – I LOVE not driving. Even when people offer me their car to drive to work I would rather bike to the bus stop,¬†catch the bus – listen to a short meditation on the way – Perfect! I arrive at work chill, calm, relaxed, balanced and happy!
  • Accepting the fact that even though wonderful people have offered to buy me a car I don’t really need one right now. I figure I am meant to have this time to enjoy and learn from it, whether that’s right I don’t know, but I’m certainly enjoying it anyway.:)
  • The fact that even though I have recently been offered a room in an awesome clinic, I have had to refuse – I can’t get there by public transport. I am consolidating..I am focussing my attention to where I am, enjoying the moment much more, learning to accept that I don’t NEED to want more things, more food, more places to work from.
  • Having absolutely NO idea how much petrol costs!

The only things I need are to be peaceful, to learn new things, to love my life, to work on my new business idea (I’ll tell you about that soon), to be grateful and to live from my heart.

Having no car has been a great experience. When things get tough I have always said “I’ll just move into my car – me, the dog and the cat” – now we’ll all be sleeping beside the bikes!

Life is nowhere as complicated as we make it.

Go out and enjoy it, It’s Simple!

Remember I’m having my awesome workshop soon! Yes I will still be able to get there, don’t know how yet, but It’ll work out.

I’ll be sharing a lifetime of knowledge in healing. Teaching you things you didn’t think you could do. Giving you the confidence to use them yourself on your family. Tools to use for many different problems, headaches, hangovers, migraines, backaches, colds and flu, arthritis, toothache…and so on.

This will be great for everyone. To know how to tap into your inner healer, your intrinsic knowledge and intuition, to trust yourself and allowing others to trust you as well.

I’d love you to come along.

Has anyone else had the experience of losing something they REALLY thought they needed in their life, but realise it just complicated it? I’d love to hear you story.