Your comfort zone is a dubious place to be. It can provide a place of freedom from pain and unease – and also alleviate feelings of distress.

Which is all well and good and all that – but, how long should you stay there in that place of comfort. How long does it take until the comfort zone becomes a place of unease, of unfulfilled dreams, a place of complacency and boredom and ultimately a place that you are too afraid to leave.

but WHAT IS A COMFORT ZONE!  Here’s a really quick example.


A few days ago my cat started to froth at the mouth (it was a bit scary for sure) – his reaction was very interesting and happened very quickly. He jumped to his favourite place on the lounge, quickly he found that didn’t solve the problem, then he jumped to his next favourite place on the window sill – still didn’t work, ran to another favourite place – the same..finally settled near the door and threw up. (still have no idea what it was all about). What was interesting about this is his innate attraction to those places that have the best memories, the most comfort and safety for him.


He physically demonstrated what he was going through in his head. Seeking a comfort zone in body and mind. Each of those places had a memory of feeling safe, at ease, comfortable and loved.

Safety is a loaded word – what are you safe from? It can bring up many questions that – to be honest – really need to be faced head on.

But how do you get the guts up to leave that place of comfort and muster up the courage to become vulnerable and a little lost – and maybe not feel like yourself and have to go back on your old beliefs. There’s a lot involved in this and it takes daring to leave the persona you have safely created in your secure dominion and venture out in a new world.

Once again this goes back to the 5 steps of awareness I wrote of earlier, the first one being Recognition. Identifying that you ARE in your comfort zone is a great place to start.

There’s no point in deciding to ‘just do it’ unless you have some idea of why you want to do it. Like any habit – your comfort zone is not where you will find any freedom, it’s a place to hide with your opinions intact.

I’ll give a couple of examples of comfort zones regarding your health (because that’s what I am all about):

  • Letting people know that it ‘should be done a certain way’ and backing it up with your own actions; e.g. dietary choices like being vegan, vaccinating your children – these are all good choices – but the problem is that if you change your mind about it…what then? How do you go about suddenly deciding to eat meat after advocating veganism as a strong persona or becoming an “antivaxxer” after vaccinating your kids.
  • What if you’ve been given a diagnosis of cancer, osteoarthritis or an autoimmune disease and have that disease now along with the medication, Doctors appointments and a prognosis to go with it – but you decide to go natural and use Cannabis Oil for the cancer, clean up your diet and start to experiment with less medications!
  • You’re depressed and now have antidepressants and other meds to counterbalance the side effects, your family have accepted the fact that you are ‘depressed and anxious’ and act accordingly by putting you in that ‘better be careful’ box – and then you decide to confront that depression and own it as a part of who you are – not be the victim of a diagnosis. You decide to look at it another way and try to take control of your life your way. What then – how will your friends and family react?

People are fickle creatures and you can end up being called names, a malingerer or someone seeking sympathy. If you can handle that it’s all good – you may find yourself running back to a safety zone for your own comfort though.

It’s a good thing to be passionate about something – but be careful that that passion doesn’t become a place of comfort for you. It can end up being your prison.

Life is an eternal cycle of change – being adamant about one thing doesn’t make you right and others wrong. Be forgiving, be educated and be experienced and willing to change if necessary. It’s far more fun and gives you a lot more choices.

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