Irene De Boer - from Working in the Netherlands to Living in Granada

by Brigid Fitzgerald | The Simple Life Diaries


Here is the podirene 2cast with the beautiful and vivacious Irene De Boer who is originally from the Netherlands.

But after studying Rural Development in her 20’s – decided it wasn’t for her so travelled to Granada in Spain to study Spanish and fell in love with it (Granada that is).


Irene then decided to follow her heart and inspiration and moved from the Netherlands to Granada arriving with 2 suitcases and a laptop, swapping the
‘work to live’ lifestyle in the Netherlands for Spain’s ‘live to work’

The 2 lifestyles sound worlds apart.

She became inspired to ‘take the chance’ and just move to the land of coffee, drinks, tapas (Irene’s specialty) and what seems like a lot of time in between where not much happens!

Sounds amazing!

Irene’s advice is simple and effective:

                   – Be open to new experiences 

                   – Take the ‘leap of faith’

                   – To do what you want as opposed to what is ‘normal’ or expected.

  • Find out her her biggest challenge of starting again in a new country
  • What did she have to give up to follow her dreams…..if anything
  • Listen to the very end where there is a special offer – and more!

Irene now has 3 diverse businesses:

Irene’s mentor – Natalie Sisson of SuitcaseEntrepreneur