Your life is a cacophony of needs, wants, desires, demands, guilt, drive, confusion and fear. What’s the best way to find focus?

Thoughts are a messy and unruly combination of mind activity.

Once we have recognised that our body is reacting to our thoughts, actions and even our environment it’s time to accept that ‘enough is enough’ and decide to make the change that’s needed to improve your health – which in turn can improve everything associated with our life.

What I’ve seen often happen with people is they just ‘go with the flow’. Life just takes them by the scruff of the neck and off they go. The amount of decisions that are made are minimal and often come from a place of fear – not from the certainty and clarity that a focused decision can come from.

Do you know what really floats your boat, what makes your soul sing? What makes you get all excited just at the thought of it? Do you have a plan, a goal, an ultimate outcome to why you are doing what you are doing?

Or are you simply floating along, being carried through life finding yourself sometimes in the shallows, sometimes being dragged through rocky outcrops. The ups and downs of life are confusing enough without having some sort of focus. Without a focus we can be left high and dry, not knowing how on earth this happened and have no idea what strategy to use to change it.

Ultimately life always changes, which is a relief. But just the same – to have a say in how it will change and have access to the tools, community and support needed to make the decision to move on is a damn side better than just taking the next thing that pops up.

I’ve discovered this the hard way. Not having the knowledge or insight to realise that rebellion can still be achieved by listening to guidance with an open mind and making an educated decision based on what I’ve learned. 

There’s no point in lamenting the past though – it’s time to embrace the present!

I have a great focus right now and it’s been running on overdrive for months and months. This laser pointed focus has taken me through so many ups and downs and taught me so much about my core desires for life and my strengths. It has brought new people, opportunities and opened doors I couldn’t even see before.

To be able to see exactly where I’m going fuels the determination to achieve it.

Experimentation is a core need to discover where you want to focus on. Expect to fail and Expect to win. Because both will happen – there’s no question.  I managed to control my health problems, improve my energy and outlook by trying different things. I could have decided to accept my plight, stay on the medication for eternity, have the operation. I could have decided to go with the flow, to not change my diet or manage my stress, to not seek alternative options – but luckily I was plucky enough to fight the status quo and find a new way to live my life without drugs, doctors and put the information I gathered to the test. Eventually finding my perfect solution that works to this day.

**Think about it – would you do any of the following with your eyes shut

  • Ride your bike
  • Walk down the stairs
  • Drive your car

**Following on from that – What would you focus on when doing the following:

  • When driving
  • Riding
  • Snowboarding
  • Walking down the stairs

The answer is simple isn’t it. You are looking at where you want to go – looking ahead – not at where you don’t want to end up. That is: You aren’t looking over the side of the bridge at the waterfall below, up at the amazing decorated cornice on the ceiling above or revelling at the beauty and detail of the trees ahead. You are aware of them and aware of the possibilities – but focused on your destination.

If you are focusing on the ceiling, river or trees – you will be out of control and will either full over or end up in the river.

Focus needs direction and outcome to see.

This applies to our health as well. Focus on where you want to be, how healthy you can envision yourself being – no holds barred here and maintain the determination to get there.

You will get there and heal and feel amazing and energetic, it’s happened way too many times now and been documented for anyone to dispute the possibilities.


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