Too often we follow the crowd, we accept what others are saying and think its right to “DO” instead of just relaxing and BEING.

Managing to recognise the fluidness of our lives is something we often miss out on completely, Acknowledging the loss of this ability and using the chance to reinstate a way of thinking that is more gentle and easier to live with therefore allowing us to manage our smooth flowing lives and accept the offerings that are placed in front of us with joy and pleasant surprise.

To be able to fall back inside my head (thats what it feels like to me), take the time to breathe, acknowledge my breathing, stop, NOT think and allow my life to unfold  is an essential part of learning how to accept what my life is and how to change it.

It happens straight away…the thoughts that happen immediately after being in that thoughtless place for a short time (although I need longer sometimes if I have abandoned myself to “normal living” for too long) can be truly inspiring in that they bring me into a better place, open up new opportunities and I feel so damn GOOD!

At this time I am starting a new business, so its quite demanding and there are times I think I should listen to others who are also in the process of starting up or have been in business for a time……but, its when I do this that I start to falter…

Its very easy to get into another persons headspace, become them and forget that I have a lifetime of knowledge on the subject and can do this standing on my head.

Once the flow of life has been reinstated, people, thoughts, love, opportunities, wealth and happiness just fall onto our path…Stress disappears…

“Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember its all small stuff”.

There was a time when my 6 kids were all small, I was working full time and I got sick! NOT a good mixture! I was off work for weeks, I felt very weak and I clearly remember sitting on the front verandah in the sun and a thought popped into my head.. “stress is a figment of my imagination”… my understanding of this is that we set ourselves many many goals during our day, week, month…life. Quite often these are unattainable because they have been set in place to please others, not ourselves. Its important to only set goals we are passionate about, things we really want in our lives, not the things we think we SHOULD do.

We sell ourselves short by doing what others expect of us and take away our sense of self.

What does this have to do with health?

The bottom line is….Show me a person who is following their own dreams, completely, who is unwell…..

Even a strained muscle in the neck is a symptom of not doing the right thing. Listen closely to our bodies because they are the barometer of the soul. Our body gives us hints and forewarnings that we need to change something

It may be as simple as being that you are overdue for taking time out and calming your mind, this may be shown as a slight strained muscle anywhere on the body. A feeling of discomfort in the body indicates a feeling of discomfort in the mind, this in turn indicates a sense of not feeling right in our lives.

So, if we can gauge how our lives are progressing by tapping into the gift we have of illness or discomfort, how easy is that!?

There are times a degree of courage is needed to instil this change, there are things in our lives we need to let go of and others things we need to embrace. But its not hard, in fact it comes with a sense of wonderful relief and the hardest part is just taking that step.

Have the strength of spirit and courage to take that leap of faith, whether it is simply choosing to do a few stretches a day, give up chocolate or sell the family home and just throw your cards to the wind to see where they land.

Living is NOT sitting still, being the same, putting up with the same stuff and the same people who piss us off, tell us we can’t succeed and stop us from living.

Living is being adventurous, doing what others aspire to do, going out on a limb to make our lives a true masterpiece. Truly LIVING, not just surviving and running with the pack, doing what others are doing – but living in the moment and envisioning our life as we choose.

Get your PASSION going and Live life to the full. No excuses now.

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