Picture this….

You are tired and listless, overweight and sick of it. 

You have tried so many new diets, read up on you-beaut, never fail shakes that will strip off your weight and provide you with never ending energy, bought books, attempted healthy eating food challenges, taken pills to fill you up so you won’t be hungry, gone to the gym to sweat it off but at the end of the day you always go back to the foods that give you the most joy.

Why do you keep going back to your comfort foods even when you don’t want to?

It may be chocolate cake, sweet biscuits with tea, milk and sugar, potato chips or cheese on toast.

The connection of ‘feel good’ foods to keeping our families happy, providing a good family home, creating traditional meals that everyone loves is basically our duty it seems.

Are you after a quick-fix? Have you asked your Doctor how to lose weight? Have you been put on pills for your reflux or bloating but not changed your diet – and now have a bunch of new symptoms?

Have you handed yourself over to the health industry, the media and other’s opinions to improve your health? Maybe it’s time to take your life back!

What if I could show you how to discover what it is that is stopping you from achieving your weight loss and gaining back your energy.


Click the photo – 7 Day Food Mindset Mastery Course


In just 7 Days you will get an understanding of why no diet has ever worked for you and design your own methods to overcome it!

You’ll receive:

1) Daily videos explaining why simplifying your food choices is so important and most importantly – how to maintain that decision

2) Guidance to not only clear your head but also your pantry.

3) What to replace the unwanted food with that is healthy plus the best and easiest recipes to start with.

4) Your own App (iPhone) to access and listen to the course.

5) Downloadable charts to help you be accountable for your progress, figure out what foods are causing you discomfort and unearth the emotional attachments you have for them.

6) Access to our own private Facebook group – where you can share your progress and ask any questions.

7) You also have direct contact with me and a discounted offer for food-mindset coaching.

8) A Resource page with added info and all the links and downloads in one place

PLUS there’s an added bonus interview with my friend Karen who is an awesome Health Coach.

Food is our most basic need and we have created a huge amount of emotional baggage around it. It’s time to not only remove that baggage and allow some space and awareness into your life (and your pantry) but also to discover new options.

Step into your courage and explore what you are capable of with 7 Day Food Mindset Mastery

I’d love to you to join us.