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Fixed Mindset and How it Can Crush Your Health

It’s pretty obvious that the growth health mindset is the one that will help you overcome any health problems you may have – by deciding to make decisions based on your own research, able to listen and take advice from others, taking on a challenge and if things go wrong – get up, brush yourself off and try something new.

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5 Steps to Invent Your Perfect Health Blueprint

You can invent your own Perfect Health Blueprint The theme for today’s living is we have to “do it fast”. If we don’t receive a result in 30 seconds then (we assume) it obviously just. doesn’t. work. Then we decide it's time to try something else and if that doesn't...

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Dealing With Your Health Sabotages

You have done the Ho'oponopono  (I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) a zillion times, meditated on the realities of your new health future, ditched the friends who only talk of how sick they are and terrible they feel, met new people who are closer to...

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Are you Letting Your Body Down?

Have a look around you, take a look at the youngsters singing, running, playing with their toys, leaping over the lounge and bouncing around like a jumping bean. They are just FULL of themselves! I mean that in a good way. I was chatting to my grand daughter on skype...

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About Brigid

About Brigid

Having studied as a Registered Nurse, Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapist and running my own practice for 20 years I have lots of experience in helping people reach their optimum health in mind and body.

Being outside is where I love to be, whether its walking my dog, snowboarding (I LOVE the cold), swimming or cycling. Experimenting with food is a constant activity. Smoothies, raw food, fasting and cleansing are my favourites.

Travel…..the adventures begin here..

I truly believe that everyone has the ability to find their place of balance and pursue their goals towards great health and this is what I would like to impart to everybody.


Self-honesty and taking a reality check are crucial parts of a healthy life