…because taking control of your health is easier than you think!…


This should be the best time of your life!


When you were younger life seemed to just flow…


…things just appeared when you needed them…

…your health was a bit shifty at times, but you had a grip on it…

…and then, out of the blue you get sick and can’t seem to shake it…

You try everything, but after several years of  frustrating efforts to rid your self of your problem – it’s still there!

You feel disappointed by your effort. You feel stuck and frustrated and feel that it’s just impossible for you.

You’re sick of feeling as though you must push through and succeed!

You have so many excuses now as to why feeling healthy and energetic again is not going to happen for you.

**It’s genetic, nothing I can do about it. It was inevitable.

**I’m just so stressed.

**I’ve got too much to do.

**But the Doctor has given me a diagnosis and tablets to take, I just have to deal with it.

…..What will happen if I feel good again. How will my friends and family react….

You know there are lots of things to be grateful for in your life but hey, feeling unwell or overweight all the time is not exactly a recipe for happiness.

And when the doctors tell you there are no other options, how are you supposed to feel?
Of course you feel unhappy and helpless – You’re stuck with this!!


But what if you could find a way to feel amazing, healthy and energetic for the rest of your life?

What if you could have more energy to travel and enjoy life?

What if you could feel happier and healthier than ever before?

What if you knew you had a grip on your health and mindset through understanding and listening to your body?

It is possible to feel happy, healthy and 

free by understanding the connection between your health, thoughts and actions!

I know it’s possible because I did it!

I remember the day when I was told I had a chronic illness that was incurable, that would be with me for the rest of my life. I was just 26.

I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, a rare and incurable lung disease. I found myself constantly coughing and being struck down by infection and often worse, Pneumonia.

I was told that I would be on antibiotics for the rest of my life but as a Registered Nurse I had seen how this can pan out for others and I was determined to do it my way.

The next 10 years were difficult, raising my 6 sons, working night shift and starting a business – going to work looking like death warmed up was a common occurrence.
I was an overweight, unhappy, stressed, desperate woman.

But then I decided enough was enough. I couldn’t let my chronic illness dictate my life. I needed to make some serious changes!

I decided to TAKE BACK CONTROL of my life!

I studied Naturopathy, Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy, Iridology, Chinese Massage and Acupressure to try and find a more natural and holistic solution so that I wouldn’t have to be dependent on antibiotics for life.

I overhauled my diet removing dairy, wheat, sugar, take away food and other highly inflammatory foods that often lower overall immunity for those prone to chronic illness.

And slowly my health improved and so did my overall immunity. I was getting sick less and recovering quicker.

But I needed so much more than just a change in diet to feel happier and healthier all round.  I still felt imprisoned in the same jail cell my chronic illness had kept me in for all those years.

And then I discovered  the close connection between mindset and attitude as to how my illness progressed or improved.

I realised that how I felt depended on me – not my illness or anyone else!


Finally I broke free of the endless cycle of illness and flare ups became a much rarer occurrence. I was feeling so much healthier and happy.

My health had become manageable.


And now I’ve put everything I’ve learned from years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Natural Therapist and from my own personal journey into a 5 step approach to help you break free from your health hiccup, your chronic illness and allow it to become the best habit you’ll ever have.


I do believe that the day after I spoke to Brigid – I was amazingly over what had been hanging over me for 12 months – which was a chronic (diagnosed as incurable) lung disease

I was empowered by Brigid’s advice. I have been extremely well and with Brigid’s guidance my husband & I have been adopting a ‘green, sometimes raw & as healthy as we can’ approach to our diet. I felt the sickness, that had been with me (chronic Emphysema), just lifted and went away. I have thrown away all the pills the Dr told me I was supposed to take forever.

Because of Brigid I have come to realise that all in life is up to us. It has become important to realise that you really do know your own body and you should trust yourself more.”

– Grace

to Taking Control of Your Mind and Your Health

Food Mindset Mastery

STEP #1: Mindset Breakthrough - Recognise

Very early on in my Nursing career I discovered the strong mind-body connection and how a STRONG positive mindset dramatically increased recovery times.

Helping you get in the right frame of mind, to no longer feel trapped by your food habits and recurring health problems and see all the positive things in your life is KEY to breaking free.

By digging deep inside and revealing your true self and getting past the mindset blocks that are holding you back from being that true self, you will become so much happier – and healthier!

RECOGNISE the stress, overwhelm and niggling feelings that are a precursor to becoming unwell:

Becoming aware of our minds preoccupation with way too much and making these thoughts into problems, worries, plans, judgements and repetitive habits is the first and most important thing to realise and will take us to the next step.

Diet to relieve chronic illness

STEP #2: Mindset Overhaul: Decision Time

DECIDE you want change:

Once you have made the decision that ‘enough is enough’ and it’s time to take control of the situation then a crucial part of this is to recognise some of the connections between what you are feel emotionally, your thoughts and then check out your body to discover what’s feeling unwell or out of place. Maybe it’s pain, maybe a feeling of unease

Once you have delved into this and studied it for a bit, the connections become clearer.

STEP #3: Mindset Overhaul: The Art of Persistence

Persistence is the key to ensuring that every day we watch our minds when walking on the beach, listening to music, watching TV, cooking dinner, working, playing and interacting with our friends and family and even strangers.

Change requires this constant effort. Our minds will let us down unless we pursue it.   

STEP #4: Mindset Overhaul: Self- Discipline


This is where self-control comes in. It’s ok to break the rules sometimes – we are normal people and allowed to live our lives the way we wish to. No judgements here.

And it’s perfect when we decide to get back on track and discover what is most important to us. To remember and reinstate our decision to improve and recognise how good we feel when we stick to the guidelines that work for us!

STEP #5: Mindset Overhaul: The Best for Last

Recognition, Decision, Persistence and Discipline are all a bit dry unless there is some creativity in there. As humans we are just so damned creative, we LOVE making things, experimenting, learning, growing and improving.

Without incorporating our ingenuity and genius into our lives we will grind to a painful halt.

Darren has turned his whole life around

When I first met Brigid I was suffering from years of back pain that the chiropractor could not fix over years of twice weekly visits, also I have Atrial Fibrillation which progressed to cardiomyopathy. I was employed as a machine operator (earthmoving) for nearly all my life but had to throw it in due to my AF. After several years it came down to being advised to be on medication for the rest of my life, having an ablation, a pacemaker and a defibrillator. I thought at my age I don’t want a pacemaker or a defibrillator put in me.

So I’ve decided to take my healing process into my own hands, because no one knows you better than you!

Now nearly 12 months down the track, from changing my lifestyle, diet  and adding meditation, yoga and exercise, work done on me by Brigid and the training to heal myself. I’m down to 2 pharmaceutical medications. I’m back in normal rhythm more times than I’ve been in a long time and should be off the rest of my meds in a couple of months .

I feel great and looks like there is no operation needed!

Over the last couple of years I have known Brigid , that she is one of the greatest healers that I have ever meet and has open up a hole new wonderful world for me that I never realised excised ! She has the time to listen and understand everything that I’m going through and has the right answer for me to all of my problems !

I would say that Brigid is well qualified in her position and has a insight of just knowing exactly what to do for you in any problems you might have.                                                                                               I have done a lot but would have done it a lot harder and longer without you beautiful people! With what I’ve learnt and am still learning every day I will be able to help others in the future!

This Journey has made me realise that life can be so much better than what you might think it can be!   So never give up , say strong and you can do anything you put your mind to!

Much Love & Thanks ! 

– Darren

How does the program work?


Over 30 days I’ll work with you to discover what your blocks are and create a personalised plan to help you break through them.

Then we can go through the 5 Step Program to put you on the path to understanding and implementing your new whole health system.

We will work together to ensure your questions are answered.


We’ll have weekly consultation calls where we’ll work through the 5 step approach to get you on track to a happier, healthier you and work through any roadblocks that arise along the way.

You’ll be supported by me
the entire time!

Frustrated and have a question or 2 to throw at me? You can always email me or find me on our Private Facebook Group


Besides our weekly consultation calls you’ll also get daily email access to me Monday – Friday.


A private Facebook Support Group for others who have decided to take control of their lives and health.

It’s a community where positive, down to earth and uplifting advice is shared and welcomed.

Who is Health Mindset Coaching right for?


    • If you have been struggling with health issues for a while this is the place for you. I’ll give you specific guidance to help you discover your blocks to maintaining the health.
    • If you have any form of illness this is the place for you. We’ll work together to simplify your dietary needs, master your mindset and discover a life worth living again.
    • If you suffer from constant exhaustion this is the place for you. We’ll create a plan including mindfulness, stress relieving techniques and touching on dietary advice and exercise options which will help you to find that energy to go out an enjoy your life.
    • If you are overwhelmed by the health advice out there this is the place for you. You’ll get the tools, support and inspiration to redefine yourself as a healthy, vibrant person.
    • If you feel like it’s too complicated  this is the place for you. I’ll show you how to simplify your diet and mindset and provide your own strategies to succeed.

Yes, I’m READY to Master My Health Mindset!

Choose you’re preferred payment option below and Let’s get started!

Still on the fence? Guess what, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Look, I know you’ve probably been through a fair few attempts to improve your health and just can’t see how this would help.

I know because I’ve been there when I was told that my health was not in my hands! It confused and frustrated the hell out of me.

And you’re probably thinking, “Brigid, if it is as easy as just thinking myself well everyone would be doing it!”

Look, I know, from personal experience that sometimes it just IS NOT EASY and simple!

But I also know that it is possible with a plan and even better – support…but we just have to get out of our own way first!

I’ve been in your situation and managed to figure out how to solve the problem – and I’m making it MUCH easier for you!

You will have access to the information and tools that has taken me decades to discover to help you regain your FREEDOM!

We will work together to find the perfect strategy by identifying YOUR roadblocks, the methods necessary to overcome YOUR health mindset and then come up with strategies to get you through. 

Life is not supposed to be about constantly feeling miserable, and sick. Standing by, waiting, hoping for it to magically get better, well we know that’s just not going to happen.

You have to take action. YOU have to make the DECISION that YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH!

There’s nothing that can stop YOU from being a warrior for your health and freedom except for you.

I know you can do this and I’m here for you!

My promise to you is that if you join me for the Health Mindset Mastery program and give it your best effort, I will be YOUR CHAMPION and won’t let you get in your own way keeping yourself stuck and miserable.

I want you to experience a vibrant life or freedom and boundless energy so that you can do all the things you truly love and always dreamed of.

You can make this THE BEST time of your life!

Brigid has helped me enormously and motivated me to be more proactive about getting out and about, and to communicate with other people. Ultimately to take a fresh view to my life.

She has  further helped me to take a fresh approach to my diet, and show me new ways of diet control.

She has advised me to take a fresh look at what I store in my pantry.

 Brigid encouraged me to clear the “clutter” from my life and to get a clearer perspective on the way ahead. To get out my push bike and enjoy the outdoors more.”

– Helene

Helene Jenkins

Got more questions?

Email me at brigid@beinspiredliving.com

NOW is YOUR TIME to Break Free!

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More kind words

“There are not many physicians I trust. With a non-pathology outlook it is difficult to find someone to work with you.

Most ‘experts’ try to steer you toward their ideals and convince you to do it their way. As an intuitive, I can say without question that Brigid is not that kind of healer/teacher. Sometimes there’s more going on than meets the eye and you need someone who can talk to you in a language that makes sense. 

Whatever your situation, Brigid is honest, supportive, practical and definitely value for money. 

– Melanie 

Melanie Brockwell

Founder, Heart Alchemy

Avani was able to improve her overall wellbeing!

“Brigid has made such a difference to my well being, she is a natural! She’s intuitive and knows her stuff. Brigid’s commitment to her own growth and journey is incredibly inspiring. She’s a living example of an empowered woman doing what she is passionate about. She’s also refreshingly real and honest, there’s no pretense and no hype or fluff.She’s wonderful for holding you true to your path, often what we all need.

– Avani

The services to be provided by the coach to the client are coaching or tele-coaching, as designed jointly with the client. Coaching, which is not advice, therapy or counselling, may address specific illnesses, situations or general conditions in the client’s life.

The coach promises the client that all information provided to the coach will be kept strictly confidential.

Coaching Relationship
Throughout the working relationship, the coach will engage in direct and personal conversations. The client can count on the coach to be honest and straightforward in asking questions and making requests. The client understands that the power of the coaching relationship can be granted only by the client, and the client agrees to do just that: have the coaching relationship be powerful. If the client believes the coaching is not working as desired, the client will communicate that belief and take action to return the power to the coaching relationship.

I understand that I am working with Brigid Fitzgerald for Health Education at the agreed fee.