You can invent your own Perfect Health Blueprint

The theme for today’s living is we have to “do it fast”. If we don’t receive a result in 30 seconds then (we assume) it obviously just. doesn’t. work.

Then we decide it’s time to try something else and if that doesn’t work, try something else and if that doesn’t work – it’s time to try something else……….sound familiar?

But wait – Let’s have a quick look at what our body has running on autopilot:

  • There are 37.2 trillion cells in our body. Each of these cells live from 4 days to over a year, depending on where in the body they live. 
  • There are about 30-50 trillion bacteria in our bodies …and thats not counting the viruses and fungi that are also wandering about.
  • The average blonde has 150,000 hairs on their body, Black and brown rounds out to 110,000 and redheads bum out at 90,000.
  • An average persons skin if peeled off would make a nice curtain for the doorway at 22sq feet and only weighs 3.6kg
  • We breathe about 12-20 times a minute which adds up to 17,000-30,000 breaths a day – or more!  That’s over 8 million a year. If we live to be 80 we will take almost 673 million breaths in our life.
  • We have 100 billion nerve cells in our brain and each one fires about 200 times a second. Say that again – 200 times a second!
  • We start off with 270 bones at birth and as we grow some of these fuse to give us a final number of 206 bones at adulthood.
  • Our bodies have 640 muscles and when we are sitting still they are still working. The heart is still pumping, the intercostal muscles are still initiating our lungs to inhale and exhale, your eye muscles are working as you read this, your back and neck muscles are holding you up.
  • We are a body in motion and a constant fascination. A synchronicity of amazing and perfect interaction with an inherent intelligence that will get us through almost anything.
  • Even our minds never stop. The invisible orchestrator of our thoughts and actions is the silent CEO having 50 – 70,000 thoughts a day and many of them are just rehashing old thoughts, ideas and other peoples conceptions of us.

And then the time comes when our lives have been interrupted by a sore-throat – So, we go to the Doctor  and are prescribed a broad-spectrum antibiotic to solve the “problem”.

Yes, this will possibly solve the short term issue of not being able to do the normal routine things that we always do – but when we look at the big picture and realise that the impact of these drugs are far reaching on the synchronicity and interactions within the human body.

The human body is powerful, finely tuned and very delicate.

That’s not to say that taking something, whether it be herbal or a natural remedy, like raw, organic honey, lemon and turmeric won’t make you feel better.

It’s the fact that we define our bodies as a processing machine that MUST feel better, by going to a Professional to get a Prescription, to solve a Problem that we have allowed to take us over by not disciplining our thoughts and lifestyle.

Does this sound too simple or is it a bit harsh?

I’ve come across a great system to discover why I get sick and sore and cranky by looking inside, looking outside and most importantly relaxing and breathing.

And here it is……..

The First thing is to RECOGNISE the stress, overwhelm and niggling feelings that are a precursor to becoming unwell:

There’s never been a time when we become ill, get a sore throat or even trip over that hasn’t been initiated by a state of mind.

This may sound like a big call, a bit left field – but – think about it. Our minds are constantly busy, thinking about what has been, what could be, what may be, what will be, what’s annoying or pleasing and what we think other’s are thinking.

It’s crazy when we think about it (but don’t do that – seriously – don’t). How often do we get the chance to simply be, uninterrupted, alone and able to think of nothing, be nobody and become unaware of time. It’s a very rare occurrence.

It’s time to Recognise that maybe something has to change!

Becoming aware of our minds preoccupation with way too much and making these thoughts into problems, worries, plans, judgements and repetitive habits is the first and most important thing to realise and will take us to the next step

The Second Thing is to DECIDE you want change:

Once you have made the decision that ‘enough is enough’ and it’s time to take control of the situation, then a crucial part of this is to recognise some of the connections between what you are feel emotionally, your thoughts and then check out your body to discover what’s feeling unwell or out of place. Maybe it’s pain, maybe a feeling of unease.

Louise Hay wrote a book on this (as have several other people). I do disagree on her finite conclusions though. Each of us are different and will react in a unique way from anyone else.

We are not simply the sum of one thought or reaction associated with a joint, muscle or symptom – we are the accumulated mass of experiences, pre-conceived ideas, fears, joys, social connections, habits and even our food choices! There’s no “one rule for all” here.

The uniqueness we possess is overwhelmingly freeing  – once we embrace it.

Once you have delved into this and studied it for a bit, the connections become clearer.

This is not a ‘left-field’ practice but one that is becoming increasingly popular among regular Doctors who can see that the normal and most accepted way of treating people is no longer working.

And to make it even worse it’s taking a huge toll on the emotional and physical state of the Doctors as well – who entered this calling from a place of genuine care for people.

My experience in this has led me to discover certain ways I manage to make myself unwell:

  • Lower back pain = feeling alone and unsupported. My solution is to say to myself “Stop being such a baby” (harsh- but it works)
  • Chronic Cough = I’m in the wrong place and doing the wrong thing. Feeling very unfulfilled and really need to change something. It’s also time to improve my diet. My solution here is to stop. I often stop everything that’s it’s possible to stop. Rethink it all and figure out where I’ve digressed to – and bring myself back to my happy place – or sometimes change everything.
  • I also have a bit of a habit of kicking my little toe on some furniture and have either broken or dislocated it. My solution here is to realise that I’m more than likely overwhelmed, attempting to multitask in an unhealthy way and not aware of my surroundings. Once again – it’s time for me to re evaluate and strap up my toes – protecting them and myself as well from outside influences – and draw myself in.

Mindset is the most important part of this whole thing.

You can then decide to improve your health even more by revamping your diet and incorporating exercise and movement into your life.

Changing your daily routine is a huge help and can really wake you up to the patterns and habits you are in. Changing your daily routines can be:

  • Having a cup of tea instead of coffee in the morning
  • Going outside as soon as you wake up
  • Turning the TV off  – all day.
  • Disconnecting yourself from all digital devices for an hour or 2
  • Have a different style of haircut
  • Eat a different breakfast than normal

The options are endless – and they are your’s to make

The Third Thing is PERSISTENCE:

It’s ok to decide, recognise and make a plan, but the biggest mistake I see is not carrying it through for longer a week or 2.

We are very fickle and impatient beings and also have a nervous system that we have programmed to be in an almost permanent state of “fight or flight”. We are ready to change in an instant if we think that someone else thinks we are silly, our cravings take over, we become tired, an old symptom comes back or doesn’t leave quickly enough or someone just annoys us.

There is a quote that says “It takes 21 days to make or break a habit”. Once again – I disagree.

I’m just not into generalisations,

It is possible to make a solid decision and allow it to grow in a day – or it could take much longer.

If someone has decided to attempt and has stuck by their decision, experimenting and learning and readjusting to suit their unique way of being, then within 3 months there’s a good chance that the decision is set. The persistence and personalisation of the choices have been learned through experience. Personal experience will set it in stone and make it a part of who we are. 

Making sure that every day we watch our minds when walking on the beach, listening to music, watching TV, cooking dinner, working, playing and interacting with our friends and family (and strangers really opens up a Pandora’s box).

If we are changing our diet or exercise – the same applies. Being organised and planning our day, the daily meals, what time to exercise and fitting it in with family and work is crucial.

Do It Daily

The Fourth Thing is  DISCIPLINE:

Once the Recognition, and Decision has been set in place and you have been on a roll of personal change. Being Determined is a great step towards your continuing goal of ultimate health.

This is where self-control comes in. It’s ok to break the rules sometimes – we are normal people and allowed to live our lives the way we wish to. No judgements here.

It’s ok when we:

  • Break our dietary rules for kid’s birthdays, dinner’s out, Christmas parties etc.
  • Become agitated, cranky, depressed or judgemental. It’s not a sign of failure.
  • Become ill, break a bone, a reoccurrence of an old disease or even a headache is fine and just indicates it’s time to reflect on who we are and why it’s happening.

And it’s perfect when we decide to get back on track and discover what is most important to us. To remember and reinstate our decision to improve and recognise how good we feel when we stick to the rules we are making for ourself!

The Fifth Thing is FUN!

It’s ok to be “in the groove”, maintaining your lifestyle and managing your health, but if it’s not fun it’s just not going to work.

It’s super important to set time aside for holidays, playing your guitar, walking or swimming, running or jumping! Whatever floats your boat and makes you simply stoked to be alive – is a MUST for ALL healing to take place.

Recognition, Decision, Persistence and Discipline are all a bit dry unless there is some creativity in there. As humans we are just so damned creative, we LOVE making things, experimenting, learning, growing and improving.

Without incorporating our ingenuity and genius into our lives we will grind to a painful halt.

These are my 5 Stages of Discovering and Maintaining your Health.
if you have any more to add or would like to discuss – I’d love to hear from you.

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