Well, what a seriously crappy start to the whole deal down here.

Since leaving my previous lifestyle and occupation of being a natural health consultant and going on the road to pick fruit my life has never been sweeter, more hectic, changeable, enjoyable and always challenging.


check out the looming huge storm behind me!

But this time I’m being taken through an even more emotional rollercoaster.

I left my family and dog on the Gold Coast, Queensland after picking Blueberries at Tabulam, which was my initiation into this nomad lifestyle and drove to see my sister for 1 night, It’s always lovely there, comfortable bed, beautiful home, lovely yard….but then I had to leave again.
I thought I knew where I was going, I mean how hard could it be to travel 10 hrs south, I thought I’d stop every few hours at a Macdonalds or somewhere to grab a coffee and some hot chips – easy.

me and duds with his new driving seat

me and Duds, the travelling duo

I could never have been more wrong. I didn’t have a map – BIG problem! There’s no wifi in 90% of the Australian outback and I soon found out that that was exactly where I was (and still am). I was taken through all the back roads that exist from Walcha to Hillston including 60kms of dirt road (thanks Google maps for not warning me of this), small small towns that have no wifi or internet of any type, coffee or Macdonalds – not that I’m a big fan\ of Maccas, but they are a great source of travelling food when in a fix.
I eventually arrived at the beautiful camping ground I was going to stay at and noticed a HUGE storm coming my way. I had arrived after a 10 hr trip with only 30 mins to stop and eat, not able to listen to any music ( as I always stream it),  feeling lonely and missing my little travel buddy – a lot (my dog, Dudley), seeing I was the only person camping at this beautiful but very isolated camping ground I turned tail and left and went to the caravan place in town and met by a “tired of it all” looking lady with a ‘what can I do for you”, there was no welcoming smile, she obviously hasn’t read any of the “how to please your customer” handbooks.
She promptly told me that no money is made in cherries “I’ve been here for 25yrs and no one makes any money” then she told me that the contractor I had chosen to work under was no good and gave me the name of someone else. (I then found out that they know each other well, I’m sure that’s some sort of breach of FairPlay in some way).
I rang my new contractor, he’s a nice fella, we agreed to meet at the induction at 9am.
I checked out the ‘kitchen’, really disgusting, couldn’t do any food prep in there until I cleaned it, but the fridge is clean and empty! (pickers must be eating out all the time)
I went for a quick walk around the small park and saw all the sad, displaced looking pickers sitting in their tents.It all feels so lost there.
There was another huge storm that night, didn’t get much sleep and woke to the cherry pickers leaving at 6.30 and someone yelling “for gods sake….hurry UP!!”.
I got up, had a warm coffee, I’m not able to set my little kitchen up anywhere to put the stove etc, had a shower, packed the car quickly with all my wet stuff, drove over my umbrella stand 🙁 and raced to Griffith for the 9am induction
I arrived just in time……to discover its not until 1pm!! GOD DAMN!
 I found a nice park, had some brekki and avocado on rice cake and then paid $6 for coffee (is that legal?) and was missing my family and Duds terribly.
Its the first time I remember this happening, so sad, I feel so lost and out of place.
and so so tired.
Is this the journey? I feel like going back to a safe place.
Its so much easier concentrating on other peoples problems, lives, stories, ambitions, accomplishments, ups and downs….now I’m being confronted with my own.
holy shit…its just hectic…and I don’t have Duds.

and then it just continues……