Mindset is a word – or concept – that is being thrown around a lot lately.

But what is a Mindset? and does it really matter!

Putting it simply Mindset is a set of attitudes that are established within a persons way of living. The attitudes you form towards family, friends, work, money and health have become habits formed over a period of time. These are thoughts and actions that have become an action and reaction with no conscious thought needed.

The way your mindset functions now didn’t start that way but over time your mind has reacted to certain situations, harsh environmental changes, hurtful and helpful comments and influential people in your life that have caused you to have a strong emotional reaction and altered accordingly.

If you think back to when you were a child, or even your own kids – a child falls over and scraped his knee, looks up to you to receive direction by your reaction to the fall and will discern how to react according to your attitude. Maybe crying is the best way to go and receive a hug and other rewards or maybe he is expected to get up, brush himself off and get on with it. This is the creation of an attitude to a certain situation.

Another example: Your mum has arthritis and she has been told it was inherited from one of her parents. You in turn are told the same thing – because it’s a genetic disease you will also get it. And – holding true to that belief handed to you from a person of great authority in your life – you get arthritis – just as you’ve been told. Then you also tell your kids …and on it goes to the next generation.

I will refer to epigenetics at another time..and how it’s been proven..scientifically – that very few diseases are in fact genetic. In the meantime I will leave you to watch this fantastic vid all about epigenetics explained perfectly by Dr Pamela Peele.

Whatever gives the most effective reward at a time of emotional distress or confusion is the way an attitude (or mindset) is formed.

So – I’ll get back to how this relates to your health – but I think you may be starting to get the idea by now.

Basically how you were informed your health would be as a child is often how it turns out. But to that there are many other factors.

  • Firstly – your personality will impact how you react to being told that info.
  • You may decide to be difficult and refuse to get sick
  • You may take it on with gusto attempting to please the person who told you.
  • You may feel unloved and decide that being a victim to this health issue is more to your benefit.
  • Sabotaging your health might suit you more
  • Even faking it until you make it is a possibility!

The list is endless – so there’s no one size fits all here. We are all so different according to who we are, where we came from and how our lives are now.

How we react to certain situations are entrenched in our psyche and we act and react upon them continuously.

I’m going to touch on 2 common types of mindset

  • Fixed mentality or mindset which basically means that you may avoid challenges, not take risks, not see the point of trying, ignore any negative feedback and get jealous of others successes. Usually this causes a limited success holding true to their beliefs.
  • Growth Mindset people on the other hand – love a good challenge, don’t allow a setback to stop them, realise that effort is important to succeed and learn from others successes. This leads to a much greater level of free-will.

Just at a guess which of these 2 sound like you the most?

It’s pretty obvious that the growth mindset is the one that will help you overcome any health problems you may have – by deciding to make decisions based on your own research, able to listen and take advice from others, taking on a challenge and if things go wrong – get up, brush yourself off and try something new.

I call this the ‘never say die’ or the all things are possible’ attitude that will get you through the darkest times.

Whereas the fixed mindset will pretty well guarantee that you will stay the same. Same illness, same diagnosis (plus a few more along the way), same situation, same ‘cures’ and no progression.

Which would you prefer?

The 5 Steps to transform your health do need a growth mindset

  1. RECOGNISE the stress, overwhelm and niggling feelings that are a precursor to becoming unwell:
  2. DECIDE you want change:
  3. Be persistent
  4. Become Disciplined
  5. and …have FUN – be creative and make sure you have a vision of a healthy future


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