Day 8 of the 10 Day Blog Challenge has arrived and just to make it fun todays task is to do something adventurous today and write about it.

So – this is supposed to be like…a day off from the hard stuff we’ve been doing previously – you know – keeping up and writing and being industrious and constructive.

But – there is a small issue or 2 here for me.

  1. It’s pouring with rain
  2. My car died a rather sad (hopefully temporary) death yesterday

Duds the Wonder dog

Normally I would take the car up to Mount Tamborine and go for a bushwalk in the rainforest – something I absolutely love to do and rarely take the time for.

BUT – I have no car! The rain wouldn’t stop me….so I decided to walk to the beach with the dog in the rain and have a Chai Latte under a tree there while sitting on the wet sand.  So off we went – me and Duds (happy little chappy he is).

I even met the couple who originally fostered my dog before I bought him! My Duds got to see his old buddy and have a play with him while we had a chat in the rain on the beach.

We then wandered off along the beach in the rain and the wind, me throwing rocks for him to chase. My happy place.

blog-challenge-badge-12I LOVE walking in the rain – the heavier and wilder the better, Queensland rain is amazing. It’s warm, driving and drenching.

The ocean is this amazing silvery colour, the waves are crashing, birds are diving for fish, the windsurfers are out in force and the beach is EMPTY! 

So…that was it, now we are home, a very wet little Duds is wrapped in a towel and fast asleep and I’m about to chill for a bit and do whatever I want on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Freedom in the Rain! Nothing better (except newly fallen snow)

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8