You have done the Ho’oponopono  (I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) a zillion times, meditated on the realities of your new health future, ditched the friends who only talk of how sick they are and terrible they feel, met new people who are closer to your new ideal healthy friends, have photos on the wall, phone and mirror of your amazing life. Health sabotage isn’t an option for you…

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and then one day

  • you feel a sore throat come on
  • you feel exhausted and are terrified of getting sick again
  • your relationship hits the skids
  • the car dies
  • your weight goes up two sizes

so what’s happening?!

Brigid, I’ve thrown out all my food, cooked some total disasters trying to find my way through the new recipe book, muttering affirmations and forgiving everybody who’s ever been in my life and now my life is collapsing around me? This book is going in the bin. Thanks for nothing..

Hold on there – you are witnessing your sabotages!!

There’s nothing like a damn good challenge to move things through quicker. Get through this stage and you’ll be so much stronger and have even more tools to bat off the next lot of rubbish that comes your way. and yes, it does keep coming and yes, it does change and get easier.

One of my own sabotage methods was to believe that when I felt good I have to pay later with bad health. It even got to the stage of – if I simply had a good day it would be followed by a few bad days. That was my own personal law and it happened every time!

Another one was to work through my illness instead of just resting. There were times I had to close my clinic and go to sleep in the car for 2 hours in the middle of the day.

Life was meant to be hard and I was meant to work hard. Sickness is no excuse and the thought of just chilling at home, not having the money coming in to pay the bills, watching a movie or just sleeping was an impossible feat.

“I’m superwoman – everyone tells me so”. Raising 6 sons and a full-time business while harbouring a chronic lung illness was simply what I did and my job was to be nice, understanding and have time for everyone else – except me.

Do you have default sabotage behaviours?

Maybe you keep on working, cleaning, looking after your family or whatever while you are feeling terrible or feel something coming on.

It’s a repetitive internal structure we have set up to ensure that our self-sabotage methods come to life.

So empowering – not.

Maybe you decide that the day when everything is going perfectly, the family is awesome, it’s been a great day at work, your energy is amazing and the money is coming in is the day that you decide to invite friends over for dinner and make food you know you can’t eat out of guilt, you’ll pick a fight with your husband, decide that that’s the day you’ll do the weeks housework in one hour.

Here are some techniques that will destroy your health-sabotage patterns….

This is the time to reflect on your habits:

  • To stop and reflect,
  • Be silent and move slowly.
  • This is the time to enjoy your great day and not feel like you have to achieve even more.
  • Relax, stop and just breathe.
  • Remember that you are already perfect – no need to prove anything to any body or even yourself.
  • There’s a fine balance between talking about and owning your illness or pain. Do your best to find that balance and stay on the side that makes you feel good
  • This will take time and patience, so forgive yourself
  • You have PERMISSION to be calm and well

Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember it’s all small stuff – Richard Carlson

Do you have anything to add to any of this – maybe you disagree entirely and think I’m a total crackpot or maybe you get what I’m saying.

Either way leave a comment I’d love to know your thoughts

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