No matter what you have read regarding the “perfect diet” I am offering the suggestion that there is NO perfect diet for everyone.

There is no eating routine, liquid ‘fat blasting’ drink, high protein or high carbs meals, fruitarian diets or anything else I have missed that is the perfect diet for everyone.

We are all  individual with distinct differences, loves, dislikes, influences, characteristics and memories (genetic and otherwise), to say that we should all eat The Atkins Diet for example and it will help us to lose weight, gain energy and feel great is an impossibility for all and a frustration for many who have tried it.

The Diet Fad is something thats been around for many years and will more than likely continue as long as people are determined to fix their health through listening to someone else.

The Perfect Diet incorporates, good food, happiness, gratitude, family/friends, enjoyable activity, loving and being loved and a balanced state of true peace.

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To be happy, healthy and true to yourself, accept no compromise on your own personal truth and find the few states of peace that are yours to refer back to daily.

Once again – accept no compromise. This is your life, these are your loves and passions and no one else can remove these from you if they are really your true states of peace.

We are born with a truth and are here to live it out, no particular reason is needed, no one is to be pleased, no government is to be followed, no boss is living our truth, no teachers know everything, we are our own knowledge base. Treasure it.

Anyway – back to the food issue. I am a vegan, being vegan is my place of being honest to me. I would love everyone else to understand the ease and diversity of following this diet and lifestyle, but I cannot and will not force my opinions onto you. I know a forced opinion will fall on deaf ears.  

This is only a relatively new choice for me although I have made several different food choices over the years.

My diet as a youngster was pretty simple –

  • Breakfast – corn flakes, milk and sugar
  • Lunch – vegemite or peanut butter sandwich on white bread
  • Milo and milk (lot’s of Milo and not so much milk)
  • Some fruit or biscuits
  • Dinner – meat stew,  sausages, processed fish or battered lambs brains with boiled vegetables and mashed potatoes or chokos and afterwards…ice cream sometimes with chocolate topping.

A pretty limited diet with no concern with calories, protein or carbohydrate intake and since my mum was not exactly an enthusiastic cook one I can understand, there was a limited variety of food and even less info at the time.

BUT there was virtually NO packet food, the vegetables (even though boiled almost to a mush) were fresh, not irradiated or Genetically Modified, the gravy was from the meat itself.

Admittedly the bread was highly processed, the milk was pasteurised, the sugar was white and the peanut butter was probably full of sugar. But even though I felt healthy, happy and very active I used to have lots of lung problems from a young age ….and hives.

This never stopped me from loving every minute of dancing, swimming, cycling, playing piano, squash and tennis. The activity was crucial to my happiness and health.

There are universal laws of nature that govern our ‘being’. Diet is simply part of a balanced harmonious life with love, life truth, fun and community being an important part of health and happiness.

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