I really feel my reason and purpose on this planet is to offer honest, open and down-to-earth information.

To help others with their lifestyle, their health and especially their mindset.

Brigid Fitzgerald

Hey there!

I’m Brigid Fitzgerald and ever since being a youngster the desire to learn how to simplify health has driven me to find out more.

I’ve always felt as though being healthy is far easier than I was led to believe. This became glaringly obvious when I was Nursing and saw first hand how people could take control of their lives and recover from what would only be considered as impossible situations.

Visualisation featured in the Anatomy and Physiology books I’d study and it was considered to be a proven practice to recover form serious illness, including cancer!

There were posters up on the wall of the hospitals advocating meditation and breathing exercises to avoid having to take antidepressants!

We were taught that certain illnesses were quite often associated with a particular personality. Sadly this is so far removed from modern medicine that the people who now believe this are called “new agers’ or hippies.

Deciding that Nursing wasn’t my thing as I was simply doing paper work and processing patients I wandered into the field of Natural Therapies. Even this wasn’t good enough – I often asked myself why I was treating their bodies when I knew the source of the problem was in their lifestyle, their mind and was far more complex than just skin and bone.

I pursued this train of thought for many years, studying, experimenting, practising and redefining my life, my business and my choices.

Studying Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Tui na, Acupressure, Reiki Master, Subtle Body Healing, Flower Essences and Iridology I ran a super busy clinic for over 15 years helping thousands of people.

Using all this gathered knowledge to manage a chronic illness I had been diagnosed with has helped me to understand that perfect connection between the mind and the body. How we think and how we present physically.

 All this passion and desire has turned me into a life innovation catalyst – that means I can help you to change your life – entirely.


Another love of mine is talking to people – finding their story and getting to the truth of it. The real story that is told between the words, the story that comes out in in intonations, gestures and self-doubt.

It was when my kids had all left home except one – that I discovered the joys of travel.

Travelling gave me my freedom and strength – to experience new adventures daily in beautiful, desecrated, scary, ancient, raw, excitingBrigid Fitzgerald and new cultures is so wonderful and important to our wellbeing as humans.

After living in a small coastal town for a long time I felt as if it was time to test out my wings of adventure, so our first stop was Whistler in Canada, to learn how to snowboard and see my 3 sons living there at the time.

Then it was back home through Bali which was a country I had absolutely NO idea about except from my sons surf Magazines. Even the thought of going there terrified me – so I thought I should do it. We ended up have the journey of a lifetime over there travelling for 4 months through the islands, risking life and limb and luckily.. surviving.

Travelling has been a lifestyle choice for me ever since. It has opened up new ideas and experiences I hadn’t even dreamed of.


I now live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and am surprised every single day at the beauty I’m surrounded by here. And my travel is mainly to Canada and Austria to see my sons and grandkids and to play in the snow.

and my work? is all on this website. Workshops, Seminars, Meetups, Courses, Podcasts and Coaching on the mind body connection and how it impacts our health and our lives and mainly HOW to overcome this to live a life full of the things you desire.

brigid fitzgerald
brigid fitzgerald
brigid fitzgerald
brigid fitzgerald