How important is it to be true to yourself?

How often do you do things for others, hang out with others, eat what others like, go where others go, BE the PERSON that others want you to be!?
When are you going to start being yourself or have you forgotten who you are, deep down in your soul. The person you yearn to be, the person you love and haven’t acknowledged or nurtured for ever.

We humans live our lives as a tragedy of errors, forever living in the events that have moulded us and being the person who we have allowed ourselves to be and planning to win our way out of the mess we have landed in.

Cognitive dissonance is a term used to explain our uniquely human ability to be able to think one thing yet do another while being able to justify both with equal passion.
For example – people who eat the meat of cows, sheep, fish etc, but LOVE animals (not trying to be a vegan nazi here – because honestly I don’t care either way).
The outrage of the Cecil the Lion debacle by the English guy who killed a tagged lion in Africa recently is a great example of this. How many of those horrified masses of Facebook posters and news presenters and spreaders of the total lunacy and unfairness of doing this to a TAGGED lion who has been watched (and possibly protected) are having bacon for breakfast, eggs for lunch, steak for dinner and milk in their tea from tortured animals raised solely for our consumption.

find it interesting the lengths we go to as a race to hide our true selves so that others aren’t offended by what we do and can understand our point of view.

To take this a bit further, we also eat what others agree with because it “tastes great and I can’t go without it”….I hear this so MUCH regarding cheese,  also “yoghurt is ok isn’t it?”  sure but not if you have any lung or sinus problems

I haven’t eaten any dairy for years, or meat or eggs for that matter. Not for any other reason except that I feel better when I don’t…and my bowels are awesome  – without Yoghurt!
Next question “but what about your calcium?” My answer to this is I eat lots of green veggies and no processed foods, my nails and teeth are better than ever.
and of course the protein myth – I’m not even going there. It’s a myth.

The thing to remember is that we are all different, have different needs and different yearnings.
What I eat is perfect for me and it took me years to find that perfect balance. If what you eat makes you feel energetic stick with it. There are no rules except to be true to yourself.

If you want to be healthy, happy and fulfilled be true to yourself at all times.

Remember that you can change the rules you have set for yourself at any time.
Because ultimately there are none.