The Power of the Mind over the Body Part 3 - Be Persistent

by Brigid Fitzgerald | The Simple Life Diaries

Be Persistent. Be stubborn, Be endlessly determined and Be unshakeable in your continuing journey to becoming the person you plan on becoming, living in the place you are planning on living and having the abundance of health you are planning on owning.

I feel like that’s all that needs to be said!

Once you have Recognised what you need to change in your life, delved deep into the why’s and how’s, discovered never before seen secret pockets of amazingness, old habits, emotional upheavals and deep, deep loves the next step is to Decide to take the bull by the horns and charge that sucker to it’s utmost ability. (terrible analogy…I know).

It’s all well and good to be all airy-fairy and cosmic about the ins and outs of how our mind, body and spirit are working together so smoothly – it’s another thing entirely to Decide, to make a decision to change your direction. This takes guts and determination.

How often have you started something, a sport, diet, new musical instrument – maybe a new language – to just give it up because it’s too hard. Is that because something else took your fancy? Some other thing interested you and sidelined your primary drive to succeed (“this time I’ll finish it”). There’s never something that’s too hard – you can do anything. Make the time, decide to dedicate your time and energy to it, discover the joy of it and ……put your mind to it!

You didn’t learn to read by looking at the book cover, or swim by watching the ocean – also you didn’t discover the beauty of artwork through watching tv! It’s all the same – there’s no way you can change your life unless you put your mind to it!

and Maintain that determination – until it becomes a part of you.

This is the type of persistence you will need to succeed – so are you up to it? Are you open to taking a chance? Can you muster enough determination and guts to stick to your guns and make sure you achieve what you set out to do. Life is not a walk in the park and there are times that the feeling of being just ok just isn’t good enough. The times when complacency and comfort are strangely discomforting. The feeling of unease that can sit in your stomach with no obvious reason for being there.

Can you be enough of an individualist to not care what others think of you, to not even notice that there are whispers going on behind your back. Is your determination that strong that your happiness can over-ride any unwanted opinions while you maintain a smile and good humour. Basically – you couldn’t care less but not with anger or derision but with joy and a jump in your step.

How much do you want to feel well, to regain your energy, to have the friends you adore and a community of people who “get you”.

How important is it to you to make a decision and stick to it. This is your time – not mine or anyone else’s. It’s your life and you get to choose what you want to do with it, and how to do it, who is by your side and ultimately play by your own rules. These are the rules you are making as you go – because there are no rules! You simply have permission to be, to enjoy, to play and to do any damn thing you put your mind to.

You are limitless so it’s time to give up. Surrender your old habits and all things that are no longer fun or giving you joy and discover new things, people, activities, travel, health, food, new sports, art, music, a new job. It’s time to be determined to maintain these new beliefs.

What are you willing to give up to get these things….I gave up a great quantity of my stuff and freed myself at the same time. Discovering that my stuff was holding me to a time, a memory, a vibration and an expectation was an immense relief and gave me permission to rid myself of 99% of it.

ALL of these things – enjoyment, fun, learning new things, expanding your network of friends, taking risks (getting out of your comfort zone) are related to your health!

It’s not just about eating well and not drinking or smoking – it’s about feeling ALIVE! Be persistent, be stubborn and have a blast…THAT’S real health.

I’ll see you in Step 4: SELF-MASTERY!

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