Sounds WAYY too good doesn’t it.

Well let me explain what my day will be like while I’m in Whistler – my PERFECT destination.

Why is it perfect you ask?

  • Amazing winters, deep powdery snow, blue skies, amazing cloud capped mountains, incredible scenery,
  • Incredible fun things to do, Snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, night skiing, snowmobiling, zip-trekking and so much more
  • An awesome community of active, motivated fun loving people!!
  • amazing cafes, restaurants and bars
  • AND 2 sons and 2 Grandkids live there as well!!

How lucky am I?!

Today’s task is to balance this amazing place with my business.

So here goes:

  • Get up early as I normally do and make myself a coffee, time to think and clear my mind. No need to suddenly get into it…I’m alive and this is my life. This is my time to be in love with it.
  • Make myself a healthy breakfast, and get ready fro the day.
  • The first thing I do is check my emails, calendar and social media – These are the places where my crew and I communicate and keep each other in the loop.
  • Set the tasks for them and check the ones I’ve set for myself for today.
  • Respond to any social media requests and post updates.
  • Check in with my own people, the ones who have supported me through this whole growth and believe in me.
  • If there’s nothing pressing this can be my time to have a quick coffee and go up the Mountain to snowboard down a few times with some buddies or even better with the grandkids (I’m looking forward to this so much!)
  • I’m home in time for a late lunch and then it’s time to get back to work.
  • I’ve set up a Skype call with a colleague to brainstorm some ideas and then it’s time to put others into motion
  • Book flights to the next convention I’m speaking at
  • Keeping the momentum going is very important but its just as important to look after myself as well.
  • Dinner time with my partner, a beautiful vegan meal, hearty and filling….we need it in this cold cold weather I love so much.
  • A hot chocolate before bedtime and that’s it!

Having the opportunity and the JOY of being able to earn a living and a good one, the perfect destination and the perfect job, belonging to a community of like minded people and being able to meet them all over the world and have coffee, dinner, chat and generally realise how lucky we all are is a dream come true for me.

I’ve always wanted to belong to a tribe, a community, a FLOCK of people who support each other and recognise the beauty and capabilities of each other – this is it.

The love and support is worldwide, wonderful and wild. It’s MY place.