Avani Amore: Proves that 2 Weeks it All it takes to Change your Life

by Brigid Fitzgerald | The Simple Life Diaries

Here is proof – that it only takes acting on a gut decision and 2 weeks to change your life direction.

While in Africa, Avani found meaning and excitement in her life and discovered that we have more than the 5 senses we have been told we have.

This awakening has led her to run retreats (not safaris) in the true sense of the word, retreating from life and the world as we know it and embracing the rawness and beauty of Africa.

Her love and creativity of photography was also reawakened and has

Avani now runs these Retreats to different area of Africa regularly.

Here we have another gutsy woman in midlife who is living life on her terms and enjoying the change it brings her.

AvaniAmore1569-70A beautiful story of strength and courage.


Register interest for Avani’s unique and life changing African retreats here at  avaniamore.com

You will find Avani’s information is a website designer where she offers strategic business services as well at www.keava.net