Oh yeah.

I’ve walked away from everything, my home, my business, my family, my dog (temporarily).

IT’s part of living vicariously, of finding the way to live the life I have always dreamed of….and by that I don’t mean one with LOTS of money, in a mansion with servants and an Audi (although the lots of money would be nice), but one with Freedom!.

Freedom to travel, to earn, to have adventures and be creative.

to live outside (except when its 35C like today – I’m in the Library), to play when I want and do the work I love when I want. To reach out and connect with the people I understand the most and them to me.

To see my kids who live all over the place and not have to take a holiday to do it, but be able to work on the road.

“You’re dreaming..” you may be thinking, but hey…watch and learn.

What got me to this place of craziness and insanity?

  • Doing what I have done to please others and do what I thought was the right way.
  • By following others ideas and not thinking for myself.
  • By not being unique.
  • Taking only the normal risks of doing things the way I have always done.

I am a great believer in learning from others mistakes and for those who know me you would know how determined I am.

The aim of this site is to work with those who are over 50, who have raised their kids, worked all their lives and are waking up every morning in Groundhog day….and now have a chronic illness of some sort. Hah!

To make it easier to understand where I am coming from:

Stages of life:

  1. babyhood….generally speaks for itself, we have no choice
  2. childhood……a time of learning and being folded to the attitude and personality our parents preferred.
  3. age 16-25…….the age of experimenting (this can go on for longer of course), sex, drinking, drugs, parties, pushing authority boundaries, study, working, realising that we HAVE to work and that school didn’t help with that at all, sometimes even getting married and having kids (me – I had 2 by the age of 25)
  4. 25-40……married, mortgage, rent, kids, striving for a ¬†better life for the kids, p&c meetings (not me), dealing with teachers who don’t understand my kids, frustration, realising life isn’t what we planned.
  5. 40-50……much the same as above except the kids are older and the light is at the end of the tunnel. There’s hope, but not sure what that hope is. Considering getting liposuction (haha NEVER!!), thinking of going through menopause, standing infront of the bathroom mirror and pulling your face backwards with the palms of your hands to see if a facelift could be worth it, worried about longevity, not feeling very fit and wondering if it’s possible to get it back again.
  6. 50 and beyond (I’ve only reached 57 so I can’t go any further)……shit. My job is at a standstill, I’m unemployable due to my age, the wrinkles are REALLY showing now (there’s no pretending anymore), men will glance briefly over my wrinkled, weathered, lived-in and happy face and move onto younger pastures (and that’s fair enough really – I have no intention of breeding anymore), I have a lifetime of experience but don’t know how to share it….and I want to share it Everywhere!! So many questions, so many answers…..what to do, what to do. My kids have grown and have families or at least dogs of their own, I am keeping a family home of sorts incase they come home for a short visit (because that’s what mums are for), still have an SUV or wagon incase someone wants to put their bike in or luggage…and it goes on and on.
  7. and 7……..what to do…what to do…. the kids have no need of a family home or family advice even. I remember myself at this age, TOTALLY independent. So why do I think they are any different.

Time to move, time to ……walk away……