A youthful body is a thing of wonder and can be envied by us women in Mid Life.

We don’t have the soft, smooth and supple skin anymore and it droops in the most peculiar places.

Our flexibility is questionable, even though there are some of us who are still great at yoga, the vast majority of us aren’t. I remember being able to lie on my tummy and arch my back so my feet touched me head! Inconceivable now though. My hair was fluid, thick, long and dark and I looked great in plaits.

The beautiful fluid and powerful movement of athletes like skiers, snowboarders, surfers are moments I love to watch and used to hope I could one day do these sports – but I did leave it a bit late to have those passions.

To be honest though it’s pointless having that wonderful young body when we aren’t happy in our lives, when we aren’t who we should be, when we are striving to be someone else entirely.

Feeding the ego and not our inner awareness that flows within us at all times.

Forgiveness is a big part of our self-acceptance and inner beauty and therefore outer beauty. It’s the only way we can get over our past, it’s the only way we can get up again after we’ve beenyouthful body and older woman pummelled to the ground yet again.  I’m sure this has happened to you many times – and what is it that made you get up, dust yourself off and get on with it?     There has to be a degree of forgiveness felt by you to move on.

The imperfections that come with age, with experience, pain, heartache, joy, wonderment, love and laughter are from a life of experience. They can be looked upon as your “learning about this life” lines from the life lessons that you have both passed and failed.

Those life lessons that came our way, even when we have hated them have given us our vulnerability, our availability, our wisdom,  nobleness, courage and ultimately made us better women.

So, think back to when you were young and had the body to die for, health and vigour, energy and beauty. Did you appreciate it then? Did you treat it with respect?

We don’t have to be young to be fabulous!!

I’d love to hear your experienced about passing that age of 40 or thereabouts. It’s a wonderful time and a challenging one as well.

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