Wow! What a year 2016 has been!

So much has happened and yet – so much is the same…but different. Don’t you just love progress?

2016 for me was a year of flux, transition, pain and huge concrete realisations.

I’ve decided to make it simpler to make it into 3 categories

  • What didn’t work?
  • What did work?
  • What were the highlights.
  • and then what does 2017 look like if it’s full of works!

What didn’t work in 2016:

The situations don’t need to be written here. but what I learned from them is that being open-hearted and accepting that everyone has a beautiful soul doesn’t mean that I have to put up with their unconscious behaviour. It’s ok to say no to them and walk away.
Picking fruit for a living Just.Isn’t.Me ….but I had to do it – just to see.

Living in the outback is not my happy place

That to be more discerning in my requests will bring me a better outcome and ‘winging it’ can make me feel like a feather caught up in a gale.

Choosing a mentor can be tricky. Coming from a place of trust but not listening to my down to earth gut feeling is not good.

Having a life that is always on the move doesn’t provide peace, but having a place that feels like home, even if I know it’s not forever is just perfect.

Writing a book is fricken hard!! (but I have almost finished 3 of them)

What did work in 2016:

Being patient. Every year I choose a word that I would like to achieve. the word for 2016 was Clarity. It took 12 months – but I now I know why I have decided to alter my life path and what is now achievable.

Giving everything up. Having very little is very freeing for time and the mind. Giving up philosophies and long held beliefs have freed me up even more. The realisation that the concepts I’d been living by were someone else’s ideas was mind-blowing.

Freedom is like mercury. A fluid and beautiful concept but can be very dangerous if not used properly. I’m learning to use it properly.

Looking at where I’d like to be (and not what I’m scared of) is an important lesson. Being fascinated and empathising with the homeless people I have come across this past year almost took me to the same place. Although I still empathise I am no longer fascinated. A huge distinction.

Taking the risk of selling everything I own and minimising has paid off – my life is so much easier to manage now and the direction is so much clearer.



Plans for 2017:

2 paid courses:

  • one on living simply, the Why’s and How’s of being happy and chill in your existence but also achieving great things.
  • The other on How to maintain Health using simple techniques I’ve gathered over the decades including diet tips.

Reawaken the podcast series – Include men as well and focus on the benefits of simple living, eating and health.

Start doing workshops on simple health and how to heal yourself and others….here on the Gold Coast (I have found the perfect venue!)

Finish 2 of the books I’ve started – one is My Journey to Me, the other is Permission to Heal and publish them as an Indie Author


See my sons who live overseas.

Go snowboarding! 

Grow, learn and enjoy my life and be the leader and warrior for my beautiful crew of freedom lovers, truth searchers and discoverers.


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