My 10 Day Blog Challenge

Were FREEDOM is the Word of the Day - Every Day

Embracing Freedom in the Rain

Day 8 of the 10 Day Blog Challenge has arrived and just to make it fun todays task is to do something adventurous today and write about it. So - this is supposed to be like...a day off from the hard stuff we've been doing previously - you know - keeping up and writing...

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Discovering My SuperPowers

Giving people their power back by inspiring and motivating is my most fun superpower – this I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Standing up on stage and spruiking my knowledge and experiences, telling my story – not for the pat on the back – but to let others know it IS possible!! and even better seeing the results from those who are willing to take that step and wander tentatively outside their comfort zone.

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My Perfect Day

I wake up early - in the mountains in Canada in my beautiful warm home. It’s snowy, beautiful, cold and fresh. I give my lovely man a morning hug, have a stretch and get up to a beautiful cold, sunny, snowy day. I check the banked wood fire and get it going again....

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My 2 Big Challenges Right Now

My goal in life is to have an income enabling me to travel and see my sons and grandkids who live overseas while sharing inspiration and motivation for midlife women to break the limiting beliefs of being middle aged and live the life they desire.

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